Timothy Cavins has filed suit against Fun Source, alleging one of his fingers had to be amputated after he fell off a mechanical bull operated by the company.

Cavins claims he was at a picnic in Madison County on Sept. 24, 2006, and rode on a mechanical bull operated by Fun Source, according to a complaint filed Sept. 4.

He claims that while riding the bull, he was severely injured and had to have one of his fingers amputated.

He also claims he incurred medical costs, pain, suffering, disfigurement and disability.

Cavins claims Fun Source was negligent because it misdirected Cavins to sit on its mechanical bull, carelessly operated the bull while Cavins was on it, altered the condition of the bull so it was not safe for individuals, provided safeguards that were not sufficient, failed to protect individuals riding the bull from injury and operated the bull without regard for the safety of patrons.

Cavins is seeking a judgment in excess of $50,000, plus courts costs.

He is represented by Morgan Scroggins of Scroggins Law Office in Granite City.

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