The city of Wood River has filed a demolition complaint against Beth Null, seeking an order to demolish the property at 249 South 7th.

The premises are dangerous and unsafe because the structure is uninhabitable in light of the deterioration of the building, the city says in court papers.

"Defendant has been cited numerous times regarding a derelict structure on the property that is structurally unsafe," the complaint states.

Wood River claims building inspector Nathan Graumenz has determined the premises to be dangerous and unsafe and declared it to be a public nuisance.

"Defendant has permitted the property to remain in constant and continuous disrepair, causing it to become a menace to public health, safety, comfort, and public welfare, the premises is imminently dangerous, unsafe, and is a public nuisance and should be immediately demolished," the complaint states.

Wood River claims Null has been given notice and a chance to repair the premises, but failed and neglected to take any steps to correct or abate the situation.

"This is an emergency matter which requires immediate expedition in the interest of public welfare and safety and an injunction should be issued forthwith by this court allowing the city of Wood River to demolish the structure and abate the nuisance," the complaint states.

Wood River is seeking an injunction that commands Null to allow the city to enter the property and demolish and clean up the nuisance.

In addition, Wood River wants to be reimbursed for their expenses and costs partially by selling the salvage from the demolition.

They are represented by Rene Bassett Butler of Wood River.

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