Sandwich shop customer Randa A. Carr admits she was warned of a wet floor before she slipped and fell near a soda fountain at Penn Station East Coast Subs in O'Fallon.

But in a $100,000 personal injury lawsuit, Carr claims the restaurant failed to warn her that the floor was greasy and not simply wet.

Carr filed suit June 16 in St. Clair County Circuit Court claiming serious personal injuries, including a tear of an internal artery leading to multiple surgeries and prolonged hospitalization.

She claims the sub shop mopped the floor with a greasy mop, failed to use a degreaser when mopping the floor and failed to have a non-skid surface or rug in the area of the soda fountain.

The incident took place May 8 when Carr and her daughter visited Penn Station. According to the complaint, Carr had gone to the ladies room before filling her cup at the soda fountain. While she was away, the floor was mopped.

"The plaintiff then returned from the ladies room and retrieved her cup and proceeded to walk towards the soda fountain," the complaint states. "The plaintiff observed the wet floor sign in front of the soda fountain and proceeded with caution."

She claims the restaurant failed to maintain its premises.

Her husband Steve Carr also seeks damages for loss of consortium, companionship and services of his wife.

Represented by Eric J. Carlson of Carlson & Carlson in Edwardsville, the Carrs are from Troy.

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