Suspend Illinois gas tax now!

by Dwight Kay |
May 24, 2008, 9:30am

Dwight Kay

Last week the Illinois House voted against legislation to immediately suspend the Illinois gas tax.

With gas prices rising and expected to be near $5 per gallon this summer, I am extremely disappointed that the leadership in Springfield voted against gas tax relief.

I strongly support a House Republican initiative (House Bill 6318) that would suspend the state portion of the gas sales tax immediately through Sept. 15.

On April 9, House Republicans attempted to call the initiative for a vote, but Democrats used a parliamentary procedure to block the vote. Again, on May 20, the Democrat controlled house voted against HB 6318 from being heard on the House floor.

Representative Jay Hoffman voted with the Democrat majority on both dates to block the vote to reduce the sales tax on gasoline.

A similar measure was enacted in 2000 by the General Assembly and produced positive results for Illinois consumers by immediately reducing the cost of gas.

Suspending the sales tax on gasoline purchases would provide immediate relief to consumers by reducing the cost per gallon.

The rising cost of gas has forced people to choose between filling up their car and stocking their fridge. The cost of gas is also forcing people to modify their vacation plans.

Saving a family $20 to $35 dollars per month makes a big difference in their budget.

Illinois families need gas tax relief and they need it now.

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