Silly contribution?

by The Madison County Record |
Jun. 24, 2006, 7:27am

To the editor:

John J. Hopkins in the Sidebar article "New sheriff in town" extolls recently elected Chief Judge Ann Callis as the new "protector of law and justice."

If Hopkins is serious with this, he makes the Record look silly with his contribution. I have personally witnessed Callis' judicial demeanor. She is more qualified to be a street sweeper than a judge.

It will be a disaster for this state and nation if Callis is ever allowed to represent residents in Washington as the article suggests.

Perhaps some day an inquisitive reporter will interview Kelly McGinnis in prison, and it will be revealed what so enraged McGinnis by the court actions of lawyers and Callis, that caused McGinnis to explode into a murderous rage.

Cosmetic changes will not reform the twisted injustice of the 3rd Judicial District of Illinois.

Charles D. Sullivan

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