Saint Anthony's Hospital in Alton and five of its staff doctors were sued by a plaintiff who claims their failure to diagnose and treat artherosclerosis caused the death of Edward G. Davenport.

The lawsuit, filed in Madison County Feb. 3 by special administrator Edward P. Davenport, seeks at least $350,000 in damages. He is represented by Michael J. Garavalia of Becker, Paulson, Hoerner & Thompson in Belleville.

The defendants include Charles Halbeck, D.O., Albert Sandler, D.O., Rajnikant Patel, M.D., Larry Reed, M.D., James Hilgard, M.D. and Davenport's primary physician, Dr. Patra.

The plaintiff claims Davenport was admitted to the hospital's emergency room Jan. 1, 2004, with complaints of decreased hearing, ringing in his ears, dizzy spells, chest pain, high blood pressure, shortness of breath and fainting spells. X-rays and other medical tests were performed and Davenport was released that day, according to the complaint.

Davenport was seen and evaluated at the hospital again on Jan. 2, 6, 9, 16 and 17, 2004, but was not diagnosed with suffering from artherosclerosis, the lawsuit claims.

Davenport died Feb. 5, 2004.

Artherosclerosis is the inflammation and buildup of fatty deposits in blood vessels.

The plaintiff alleges the hospital and doctors failed to properly diagnose Davenport's condition, read his X-rays and administer necessary medical treatment.

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