(Editor's note: The following letter relates to a federal lawsuit filed by Carol J. Deichmann of Bond County on Nov. 22, seeking damages for burning her feet on microwave-heated slipper insoles, Cozy Toze. She bought the product from the TV show, QVC.).

To the editor:

My name is James Connolly from Waveware Limited in Ireland. I am writing to you to request any advice you might be able to offer.

I am a very small company (currently five employees including myself) based in Longford, Ireland. Mrs. Deichmann has taken this action for $150,000 for damage caused by me slippers.

It is not possible for my slippers to cause these burns if you follow the instructions. Even if you don't read them it is not possible as the insoles are made of silicone which is a very poor conductor of heat and will only release the energy slowly.

My problem is that I am a very small company and do not have the resources to defend this action. I have had to indemnify QVC against all costs.

My product liability insurers are claiming that they only provide cover on the date of the claim and not on the date of the event and I do not currently have insurance cover with them.

Can you please advise if there are any support structures which will help me.

James Connolly
Waveware Limited
Templemichael Business Park,
Balinalee Road
Longford, Ireland
Telephon: 353 43 45929
Email: info@waveware.ie

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