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Customers at the East Alton Shop 'N Save are seeking damages for being falsely accused of stealing a purse owned by Ruth Dilley--who later realized she had left it at home.

Gloria Delp and Robert Herrin filed suit in Madison County Circuit Court Dec. 5 claiming that on June 27 customer Ruth Dilley complained to the manager that her purse was stolen.

In the suit, Dilley is listed as a respondent in discovery.

According to the complaint, a Shop 'N Save employee stated that the missing purse was on the grocery bag counter while Delp walked by it. The employee called the police telling them that Delp and Herrin were the last people to walk by the purse.

Delp claims the East Alton police detained her and even searched her car. Later that day Dilley discovered that she left the purse at home.

"Shop N Save falsely accused Gloria Delp and Robert Herrin, causing the false detainment of Gloria Delp and Robert Herrin," the complaint states.

They are each seeking damages in excess of $50,000 for false accusations of theft.

Delp and Herrin are represented by Lance Mallon of Wood River. The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron.

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