Texas Governor Rick Perry

An East St. Louis man is suing an oil company, a bank and several high profile Texas public officials for $100 trillion, claiming they've stood in his way of recovering $100,000 unclaimed by his great-grandfather.

In a 13-page, handwritten complaint filed Nov. 28 in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois, Jeffrey O’Quinn alleges his civil rights were violated.

O’Quinn names ExxonMobil and its chief executive officer, Lee Raymond, JP Morgan Chase Bank and its CEO, William Harrison, as well as Texas Governor Rick Perry, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Carole Strayhorn, and six Texas judges.

According to O’Quinn, each of the defendants violated his rights by refusing to allow him to peacefully assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances, by inflicting cruel and unusual punishment and by depriving him of life, liberty or property without due process.

O’Quinn claims his great grandfather, Robert O’Quinn of Henderson, Texas, was paid $100,000 from Standard Oil, now ExxonMobil, in 1948. The money was put in the Bank of Fort Worth, now JP Morgan Chase Bank, but his family has never been able to locate the money.

Complaining that he "has been getting the run around," O'Quinn claims Texas Comptroller Strayhorn told him if any money due to him exists, it's with the bank. O'Quinn claims the bank says it's with the state.

“JP Morgan said the counties and the State of Texas doing (sic) the Bush Governorship lost the funding in their systems and this year, 2005, I have saw just too many of my blood line relatives died off trying to get these defendants to release to me what legally belongs to me by birth right,” O’Quinn writes.

O’Quinn also claims that his own current health is bad and that it is up to the courts to fix this problem.

He claims all the defendants have cruel manners and mentally punished him with infliction intended to harm him and deprive him of his birth right to his grandfather's funds.

O’Quinn also is asking that the U.S. attorney investigate all of the defendants.

“Jeffrey O’Quinn requests an amount of $100 trillion, this is what I request, $100 trillion,” the complaint states.

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