Union prayer

by The Madison County Record |
Oct. 23, 2005, 6:01am

To the editor:

I was born, educated and raised in Madison County. Today I am a resident, voter, tax payer and I'm a proud employee of Madison County. My spare time is spent doing volunteer work for organizations that help others.

Recently, the membership of our union voted to support the members of our union that need family health care coverage.

In the paper, recently we learned from Mr. John Gilbert that 26 years ago our union rejected family coverage in lieu of a raise. Very few of our members were here at that time. I'm sure Mr. Gilbert didn't have any part in this either, and a few other things have changed in the last quarter century.

Today, the few members that must take family coverage, are forced to pay as high as $900 a month because God blessed them with a child that needs a little extra help.

I personally know three folks that share this scenario. they love their children and never complain about their problems. They all work second jobs, shop at second hand stores, and do without luxuries like cable TV and newspapers.

They will do any honest thing they can for their kids. These employees are, in reality, Madison County's greatest assets, but many of our elected officials look on them as burdens.

To our County Board and office holders, I ask that you pray to God to give you the wisdom and understanding you will need to do what is right.

Jim Simonds
Madison County Bailiff

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