Like a 53rd card in a deck, a SimmonsCooper asbestos suit rests in the litigation pile that Texas attorney Brent Coon brought to Madison County last month.

Attorney Robert Ramsey of Coon’s St. Louis office filed every case from 05L-864 to 05L-1002, except one. John Bernard of SimmonsCooper filed 05L-955.

Apparently, a clerk broke off from filing Coon’s suits to stamp the SimmonsCooper suit.

SimmonsCooper plaintiff Abraham Zampella lives in upstate New York. Like Coon’s plaintiffs, Zampella did not know he had filed a suit.

Last week the Record mistakenly counted Zampella as a Coon plaintiff.

Now that the dust of the latest asbestos explosion has settled, the score stands like this:

Coon filed 138 suits, all on Sept. 27. (The firm also filed 33 silicosis lawsuits between Sept. 27 and 28).

SimmonsCooper filed three on Sept. 27 and two on Sept. 28.

Randy Gori filed one on Sept. 27 and four on Oct. 4.

Michael Bilbrey filed five on Sept. 30 and seven on Oct. 11.

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