Lowe's Home Center in Fairview Heights

While pushing a knife away with her foot in the Lowe's Home Center parking lot in Fairview Heights, Zola Hellmeyer tripped on a mound of cement, fell and suffered serious and permanent injuries.

Hellmeyer filed a $50,000 suit against the retailer in St. Clair County Circuit Court July 19 claiming it was negligent for allowing the concrete mound on the parking lot.

Represented by Stephen C. Buser of Columbia, Hellmeyer claims she sustained severe and disabling injuries to her knee and other body parts following the incident on Nov. 19, 2003.

She also blames Lowe's for not keeping a safe parking lot and failing to warn her of the mound of concrete.

Hellmeyer seeks damages for her injuries, physical and mental anguish and medical expenses.

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