To the editor:

Mr. Gonzalez recently wrote an article on autistic children and the link to drug companies. I was wondering how much money the vaccine manufactures paid him to write that article.

My daughter was completely normal until she received her mandatory vaccinations at 18 months that are required by the United States of America government.

Within one week, my daughter changed. She could not smile--and she had the most beautiful smile by the way. She became impossible to comfort when she was upset and wanted nothing to do with me and her

Izydor also stopped shaking her head, no and yes, stopped clapping, and other things she always did prior to being injected with poison.

I am asking that you retract the article. I know what studies say, that there are no links, but let's use some common sense here.

I also ask that you discipline Mr. Gonzalez for slapping the intelligence of so many people and demand his resignation for assisting the governent, doctors and vaccine makers in hiding the truth.

Wawrzyniec "Larry" Wojciechowski
Goose Rocks Beach, Maine

editor's note: The Record stands by its report.

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