Madison County Associate Judge Ralph Mendelsohn will hold a case management conference July 14 in a three-year old wrongful death case in which a widow claims her husband died due to the negligence of three doctors and Belleville Memorial Hospital.

Herminia Butler claims Christopher Heffner, M.D. failed to timely appreciate and treat a significant deterioration in her husband William's neurological and pulmonary condition beginning on June 16, 2000, and he failed to order a timely consult on June 19, 2000.

According to Butler, her husband suffered increasing hypoxia and deterioration in his pulmonary condition which caused his hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. As a result, William Butler suffered anxiety, pain, and emotional distress prior to his death on Feb. 7, 2001.

Butler also claims James Vest, M.D. failed to perform a pulmonary consult on June 19, 2000, after Heffner ordered it.

The suit alleges that Memorial Hospital failed to use the chain of command to obtain appropriate medical care for Butler on June 19, 2000, after Heffner ordered a pulmonary consult.

In April 2003, Butler dismissed Heffner, Vest, and Memorial from the suit, leaving Linda Uhrig, M.D. as the only plaintiff.

Butler alleges Uhrig provided medical services including the care and management of her husband's nutritional status, skin conditions, neurological conditions, and general mental and physical condition.

She claims that Uhrig failed to provide care for William’s hydration, nutritional problems, and failed to prevent decubitus ulcers and to treat his infections.

According to the suit, Butler suffered dehydration, stage IV bedsores, raging infections, and further pain and suffering prior to his death.

Represented by Gerald Basset of Savanna Georgia, Butler is seeking at least $750,000 in damages, plus all costs of the suit.

Uhrig is represented by Tim Richards of Belleville.

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