Judge Byron to preside over Jones Act trial June 13

By Steve Gonzalez | Jun 9, 2005

Theodore MacDonald

Madison County Circuit Court Judge Nicholas Byron will preside over a Jones Act jury trial June 13 at 9 a.m.

Gilbert Guy sued Lewis & Clark Marine of Granite City in May 2003, claiming he hurt his right knee while descending from the towknee of the barge MV "Karen Michelle" on May 23, 2002.

According to the complaint, Guy claims Lewis & Clark failed to provide him with a safe place to work failed to provide safe methods to work, failed to provide sufficient manpower and failed to provide suitable tools to perform tasks assigned.

Guy alleges he has lost wages, spent money on medical care and will continue to have a disability.

He is seeking an amount to fully compensate him at trial, but in excess of $50,000 plus all costs of the suit.

Guy will be represented by Mary Massa of Becker & Galanti of Granite City.

Lewis and Clark claims that Guy was not a seaman at the time of his alleged injuries and is not entitled to bring this action pursuant to the Jones Act, and claims if Guy was in fact injured, it was caused in whole or in part by his own contributory fault.

Lewis and Clark will be represented by Theodore MacDonald and Bharat Varadachari of Burroughs, Hepler, Broom, MacDonald, Hebrank & True of Edwardsville.

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