Carolina Goodman filed a $200,000 wrongful death lawsuit against her late husband's doctor in Madison County Circuit Court May 6 because he failed to order an angiogram and properly treat a deficiency of blood circulation to his intestinal system.

Goodman is represented by Belleville attorney Judy Cates.

According to the four-count complaint which names Granite City gastroenterologist Ronald Gould, M.D. and GI Inc., Thomas Goodman died Aug. 6, 2003, due to complications arsing from mesenteric insufficiency.

On May 13, 2003, Goodman complained to Gould of abdominal pain, who performed a gastroscopy and other diagnostic tests.

Goodman claims Gould also was negligent for failing to:

  • Recognize that mesenteric insufficiency was a life-threatening condition which required an urgent treatment protocol;

  • Inform Goodman and his wife of the suspected diagnosis of mesenteric insufficiency and explain the risks associated with;

  • Obtain a consultation with a doctor who could diagnose or treat mesenteric insufficiency; and

  • Follow up with Goodman regarding the condition so that he was not at risk for death due to intestinal necrosis.

    Carolina claims she and her three children have suffered economic and pecuniary loss, including the loss of Thomas Goodman’s support, love, affection and society.

    The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Andy Matoesian.

    05 L 443

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