In Court last week: March 11-18

by Steve Gonzalez |
Mar. 20, 2005, 10:51pm

David McGill v. Honda Motor Company

  • Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron recused himself from the case and it has been re-assigned to Judge Daniel Stack. A motion to dismiss is still pending in the case.

    Jan Fuhler v. Granite City Hospital
  • The case was called on defendant's motion to dismiss. However, Judge Byron ordered the plaintiff to amend her complaint, splitting counts in a way that each defendant is addressed in separate counts.

    Levona Riggs v. City of Alton
  • The case was called on plaintiff's motion to leave to amend complaint. Judge Byron granted the motion and Riggs has 30 days to file her amended complaint.

    Ashley Peach individually and on behalf v. Wal-Mart
  • Wal-Mart’s motion to dismiss Peach’s complaint was continued until April 22.

    SimmonsCooper LLC indvidually and on behalf v. Arthur J Gallagher & Co
  • Case remanded back to Madison County. Plaintiff's motion to reinstate is granted for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.

    Susan Smith DC individually and on behalf v. Mid-Century Insurance
  • Mid-Century filed a motion to quash service of subpoenas. Judge Matoesian set a hearing date of April 22 to hear the motion.

    Darryl Johnson individually and on behalf v. US Bank
  • US Bank filed a motion to dismiss Johnson’s claim. Judge Byron has yet to set a hearing date on the matter.

    Donna Cruthis v. Northern Trust
  • Judge Matoesian set a hearing date of April 15 to hear Northern Trust’s motions to compel and vacate.

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