To the Editor:

Trial lawyer Randy Bono's "bring it on" bravado may be something he comes to regret. (Bring It On, Jan. 30). Let's hope Georgia Congressman Charlie Norwood holds true to his challenge and brings on a full Department of Justice investigation of our judicial sinkhole here in Madison County.

The fact that a congressman from Georgia would even know about our local court system speaks volumes about the problem. But in welcoming frivolous lawsuits and then rewarding them with huge damage awards, Madison County has made a national name for itself. If it takes President Bush, Congressman Norwood and the Department of Justice to clean up the mess, bring it on!

Illinois can no longer afford to see everything from jobs to doctors exit the state because of a legal system ruled by trial lawyers. We need meaningful legal reform that punishes negligence while putting a reasonable cap on pain and suffering awards. A bipartisan group of legislators is poised to introduce such a bill as soon as this week. But, we certainly welcome anyone's help--including Congressman Norwood's--in coming up with a solution.

Arnold Buescher

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