Real Estate developer sues Village of Cahokia

By Steve Gonzalez | Feb 3, 2005

Donald Soffer, a real estate developer responsible for the Nova Plaza Shopping Center on Camp Jackson Road in Cahokia, filed a breach of contract suit Feb. 1 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against the Village of Cahokia.

Soffer claims that on Jan. 28, 2002, he entered into a contract with Cahokia to redevelop the general area of 1296 Camp Jackson Road.

The Village was to provide three payments to Soffer each totaling $566,667. Payments were to be made on or before Oct. 15, 2002, Oct. 15, 2003, and Oct. 15, 2004.

Soffer claims the village paid the first two installments, but Cahokia has refused to pay the final payment. Numerous requests have been ignored, according to Soffer.

Soffer alleges the Village is liable for $566,667 and pursuant to Illinois law owes him 6% per annum because of its status as a local government.

"The Village of Cahokia has had demand made upon it for payment, to no avail, and there is no excuse nor justification for the wrongful refusal to pay," the complaint states.

Cahokia is an Illinois Municipality in St. Clair County with the authority to pass or adopt Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) districts for the purpose of encouraging private companies to establish businesses.

Represented by Michael Williams of Belleville, Soffer claims the redevelopment project was completed in a timely and professional manner. He seeks a judgment in his favor for $556,667, 6% per annum pre-judgment interest from Oct. 15, 2004, all costs of the litigation and the amount of attorney's fees spent in the enforcement of the contract.

05 L 56 (20th Circuit)

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