What is the function of the St. Clair GOP ladies club? How many members? When and where do you meet?
The local unit of the Federation of Republican Women has as its objectives to unite the Republican women of St. Clair County into a constructive organization which fosters, promotes and extends the principles of the Republican Party. We work for the election of the Republican Party nominees and candidates. Our members were actively involved in November for candidates in the local, state, and national elections. It is important to educate and communicate with our membership about legislative action taking place at all levels of government so they can contact their own representatives. We also partner with the Republican Precinct Committee-people for the Lincoln Day Dinner in the spring, and the Reagan Day Dinner in the fall.

We currently have 34 members and we are actively seeking other interested women who would like to join us in our purposes. The St. Clair FRW meets on the third Monday of each month at Fisher’s at 7:30 p.m.

What do you hope to achieve as the President of the club?
As President, I would like to increase our active participation in influencing our state and national representatives on important pieces of legislation. Our Representatives and Senators must hear from the people and we must hold them accountable for their votes on issues that affect us morally and socially. As the year progresses, I hope to sharpen our focus on our purposes of promoting sound government.

What is the biggest challenge your group faces?
Our membership has many faithful and dedicated women who have worked with the Republican Party for many years. We would like to get the word out to all women who share our ideals that this organization would welcome their input, their energy, and their enthusiasm. Leading up to the November election, we heard from women of all ages who supported the President and the County candidates; we invite them to join us now to help work for and support future candidates. The Republicans in St. Clair County don’t just exist for the few months prior to an election, we are working year round, you might say, behind-the-scenes, because our government and legislation are on-going also.

How would someone get involved in your group?
Any woman is welcomed to join us on the third Monday of the month at Fisher’s in Belleville, at 7:30 pm for our regular meeting. Our next meeting will be February 21st. Questions can also be directed to my email address cheryl@billymathews.net

Are you going to miss Judy Barr Topinka as the states republican leader?
The Republican Party in Illinois has had a wild ride the past few years. Ms. Topinka has worked diligently for the past two years to lead the party but it is time for someone else to step up to the challenge and go forward.

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