Update: In court last week Jan. 7-14

By Steve Gonzalez | Jan 16, 2005

Jose Oseguera v. United Health Care

Jose Oseguera v. United Health Care

  • Judge Byron heard arguments on defendants’ motion to dismiss and ordered that the plaintiff has 30 days to amend his complaint.

    John Haderlein v. Abbott Labs et.al.
  • A motion to re-assign the case was filed by all parties. Judge Daniel Stack has been assigned the case, and will set hearings on motions to dismiss and transfer.

    Thaddeus Crews v. Rockford Mutual Insurance
  • Defendants motion to dismiss is moot as to count I of the complaint. Judge Nicholas Byron grants motion to dismiss count II, but plaintiffs granted leave to re-file count II of the complaint.

    Ashley Peach v. Wal-Mart
  • Peach was granted leave to file second amended complaint; complaint filed instanter; Wal-Mart granted 30 days to answer complaint.

    Carol Lee Burgess v. Pfizer
  • A case management conference was held in the case. No further activity pending or scheduled at this time.

    Lawrence Shipley DC v. MetLife
  • A case management conference was held in the case, and another was set for Mar. 12.

    Donald Cochran v. Bayer AG
  • All pending motions have been continued until discovery is completed by both parties.

    Joanna Lane v. Richard Butler M.D.
  • Lane filed a motion for a default judgment against Dr. Butler. Butler entered a demand for a jury trial.

    Patricia Willis v. K-Mart
  • Defendant's motion to dismiss count I of the complaint was continued and reset for Feb. 18.

    Curtis Pinion v. American Optical et.al.
  • A hearing to dismiss on forum non conveniens was continued for 30 days.

    Richard C. Cox v. Norfolk Southern
  • Defendant's motion to transfer on forum non conveniens is continued at the plaintiff’s request. The hearing shall be held on the next available docket date.

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