A mother is suing the day care center her 2-year-old daughter attends because the child's fingers were crushed by a heavy object.

Rana Schumacher filed a four-count lawsuit against Highland Evangelical United Church of Christ, which runs the Wee Care Day Care at 2520 Poplar Street in Highland, for at least $120,000.

The suit, filed on behalf of Alissa Schumacher Dec. 13 in Madison County Circuit Court, states the girl's fingers were broken in multiple places after being crushed by a heavy object on Oct. 21.

“At the time Alissa sustained her injuries, Wee Care Day Care was in exclusive control of the care of Alissa, and Alissa was a two-year-old child unable to supervise or care for herself,” the complaint states.

The child's injuries "would not normally occur during ordinary childcare if the defendant had exercised proper care for Alissa," Schumacher claims.

Schumacher also alleges Wee Care failed to investigate the cause of prior traumatic occurrences and take corrective action.

She also claims the daycare center "failed to take corrective or preventative action to prevent the injury to Alissa, and failed to immobilize or remove from the vicinity of Alissa and other children at Wee Care, furniture and objects capable of falling on and heavy enough to break children’s hands," according to the complaint.

Schumacher claims that as a result of Wee Care’s negligence, Alissa sustained multiple breaks and crushing injuries to her fingers and hand, and related injuries including bruising, swelling, and disfigurement.

The suit claims Alissa experienced pain and suffering and will continue to suffer in the future.

Damages also seek to recover for "the normal life that she once enjoyed and should have enjoyed in the future," the complaint states.

Schumacher is represented by John H. Leskera of Collinsville.

The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Philip Kardis in Granite City.

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