Fungal infection leads tenant to sue for $100k

By Steve Gonzalez | Dec 7, 2004

In the aftermath of a flooded apartment, moldy conditions left Sharon Dunn of Pontoon Beach with a disfiguring fungal infection of the skin and fungally-induced asthma.

Seeking to recover more than $100,000 in damages, Dunn filed suit against her former landlord, JRE Properties, also known as V & F Services, and Robert Tejada of 304 W. Main Street in Collinsville.

Dunn, whose apartment was located at 216 S. Seminary, Apt. A. in Collinsville, alleges that as a result of her landlord's negligence, she suffered disfiguring injuries, pain and suffering and incurred medical expenses. She is represented by Alexander M. Wilson of the Scroggins Law Office in Granite City.

According to the complaint, shortly after Dunn moved in more than two years ago, a rainstorm flooded the apartment with raw sewage and created a moldy environment.

After requesting the filthy conditions be cleaned, Dunn alleges her landlord refused.

“Defendant had an affirmative duty to provide a clean, disease-free apartment for the plaintiff,” the complaint states.

The suit was filed Nov. 17 in Madison County Circuit Court.

Dunn claims that in violation of that duty, JRE carelessly and negligently:

  • Allowed sewage to stand in her apartment; and
  • Failed to clean and sanitize the mold in her apartment.

    Dunn claims that an initial request to break her lease was rejected.

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