Circuit Court Judge George Moran

Circuit Court Judge Daniel Stack

Madison County Associate Judge Lola Maddox, the county's first woman judge, retired Nov. 30. A number of her peers and officials attended a retirement ceremony in her honor and paid tribute to Maddox's long public service.

"I have learned an awful lot from her. After law school she was my mentor. She knows the law and has been a fair judge. She's also quick witted."
Madison County State's Attorney William Mudge

"She is a fine judge, a close friend and associate of mine, and I wish her well."
Madison County Circuit Court Judge George Moran

"She's been a fixture here in Madison County. I remember trying cases in front of her when I was still practicing law.

"She has a great sense of humor. I remember when someone asked her how she addressed other judges and she replied, 'honey'."

Madison County Circuit Judge Daniel Stack

“I knew I really had to prepare for my case when I was in Judge Maddox's courtroom. She always would ask the tough questions. However, you will never find a judge, man or woman, as fair as Judge Maddox. I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors."

A Madison County attorney who asked not to be identified

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