A woman who fell off a shower stool is suing the manufacturer and the business that sold it to her for more than $100,000, alleging the stool was defective.

Carol Graves, represented by Robert Larson of Alton, filed suit against Invacare and St. Anthony's Medical Equipment on Nov. 12 in Madison County Circuit Court.

Graves alleges that while using the shower stool May 30, the legs bent while she was sitting on it, which caused her to fall to the base of the shower.

As a result, Graves claims she suffered numerous and severe permanent, disabling and disfiguring injuries, which have led to substantial medical expenses.

The accident also caused her to lose large sums of money which she otherwise would have earned. Graves' complaint states that she endured, and will continue to endure, pain and suffering.

According to Graves, at the time the stool left control of the defendants it was unreasonably dangerous and defective. She claims the stool did not contain sufficient attachments to properly brace the legs, adequate nuts and lock washers to brace the legs and did not contain strong enough components to properly support users.

The complaint does not state where the plaintiff lives or why she needed the stool. Calls to Larson were not answered.

Circuit Judge Nicholas Byron has been assigned to the case.
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