The parents of a paintball accident victim are suing the shooter for more than $150,000, alleging the paint bullet caused great body and mind pain and anguish toward their son.

Eric and Keri Olson filed a lawsuit Wednesday in Madison County Circuit Court against Jason Howards, alleging he negligently shot their son, Jordan.

According to the complaint, the defendant's alleged negligence caused Jordan to sustain severe internal and external permanent injuries, and he will be hindered and prevented from attending to his usual duties and affairs.

Represented by William J. Mateyka of Calvo & Mateyka in Granite City,
the Olsons allege that on Aug. 23, 2003, Jordan was at 2647 Matthews Court in Granite City when a paintball fired by Howards "very forcefully struck Jordan," and severely injured him.

Howards fired a paintball gun toward and into an area where there were several other people, even though he knew or should have known that it could injure someone, the complaint states.

The Olsons also allege that Howards failed to give warning of his approach and intention to fire the paintball gun toward Jordan and failed to keep a proper lookout for other people.

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