New lawsuits: Wednesday, Nov. 10

by Steve Gonzalez |
Nov. 10, 2004, 11:36am

Karen A. Soulsby v. Cracker Barrel & Mel Yoder
J-Matoesian; PA-Marc W. Parker

  • Soulsby, of Mt. Olive in Macoupin County, alleges she injured her left wrist when she fell at the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Troy. She is seeking at least $100,000 in damages.
    04 L 1251

    Tammy Kent Delcourt Ind. and as Special Admin of the estate of Christopher J. Kent, deceased v. Betsy E. Dankenbring, Kenneth R. Mattison & Central Freight Lines Inc.
    J-Kardis; PA-Michael G. Burnworth
  • On May 12, while traveling northbound on I-55/70 near Highway 111 in Madison County, Tammy Delcourt alleges another vehicle struck Christopher Kent's vehicle that had already been involved in a roll-over crash. Injuries sustained in the second crash ultimately led to Kent's death, the plaintiff alleges. Delcourt is seeking at least $300,000 in damages.
    04 L 1252

    John Haderlein and Ann Haderlein Ind. and as next friends of Eric Haderlein v. Abbott Labs
    J-Byron; PA-Barry Julian
  • The Haderlein’s allege that their son Eric suffers from mercury poisoning due to the negligence of the defendants from injections he received from June 1996 through July 1998.
    04 L 1253

    Earl Gori and Michael Elward Ind. and on behalf of all others similarly situated v. Merck & Co.
    J-Moran; PA-Christopher Byron
  • Gori and Elward allege that Merck’s misrepresentations and concealment of the true extent of health hazards of Vioxx allowed them to charge prices for Vioxx that were far in excess of the fair market value. Each count of the three-count suit seeks damages less than $75,000.
    04 L 1254

    Eric and Keri Olson as parents and next friends of Jordan Olson, a minor, and Eric and Keri Olson Individually v. Jason Howards
    J-Matoesian; PA-William J. Mateyka
  • Eric and Keri Olson claim that Jason Howards negligently fired a paintball gun at their son, Jordan, that very forcefully struck and injured him. The incident took place at 2647 Matthews Court in Granite City on Aug. 23, 2003. The plaintiffs are seeking at least $150,000 in damages for injuries, medical bills past and future, and mental anguish.
    04 L 1255

    Ursula Thatch M.D. and Progressive Health Care for Women v. Neville, Richards & Wuller and Timothy S. Richards
    J-Kardis; PA-William E. Miller III
  • Thatch alleges she was compelled to settle Pool v. Thatch as her attorney in the case failed to adequately disclose a conflict that arose as a result of a prior relationship with the consulting expert identified by the plaintiff in Pool v. Thatch and also alleges that the defendants failed to act in the best interest of Dr. Ursula Thatch in matters related to the consulting expert. Thatch is seeking at least $100,000 in damages.
    04 L 1256

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