Illinoisan Clyde Holliday's nine-count asbestos suit against 82 defendants is scheduled for jury trial Nov. 8.

Holliday, a laborer and operating engineer suffering from asbestosis, is represented by the SimmonsCooper firm of East Alton. He is seeking at least $450,000 plus legal and court costs, as well as punitive damages to be determined at trial.

Holliday claims that while employed at various locations throughout Illinois and Missouri from 1964 to present, and during home remodeling work, he was exposed to asbestos which caused his disease.

His complaint alleges he inhaled, ingested, or otherwise absorbed large amounts of asbestos fibers emanating from certain products he was working with and around which were manufactured, sold, distributed, or installed by the long list of defendants.

Holliday was diagnosed with pleural asbestosis in July 2001.

He is alleging that the defendants failed to exercise ordinary care and caution for his safety by including asbestos in their products, even though it was completely foreseeable and should have been anticipated that people working with or around them would inhale, ingest, or otherwise absorb great amounts of asbestos.

Holliday alleges that defendants included asbestos in their products even though adequate substitutes for asbestos were available, and they failed to provide warnings of the dangers of working around asbestos.

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