Deanna Neubauer v. Intel, Gateway, and HP

  • A hearing was set for December 17, 2004 on Intel's motion to dismiss based on grounds that Madison County is not a convenient place to try the case. Meanwhile, a class certification hearing was set for February 15, 2005.

    Belinda Vardell v. Union Planters Bank
  • Union Planters filed motion to dismiss. The motion was granted and Vardell has 60 days to file an amended complaint.

    Amos Melvin v. SBC Communications
  • Judge Kardis granted a preliminary settlement that includes $10 phone cards or free directory assistance calls for Illinoisans allegedly overcharged when getting their directory assistance calls automatically connected. Plaintiff's attorney T. Evan Schaeffer of Schaeffer & Lamere in Godfrey would get $940,000.

    A final hearing date set for February 28, 2005.

    Mary Hayes v. Illinois Mutual Life
  • Both parties agreed to continue Illinois Mutual Life's motion to dismiss. No new date has been set.

    Donald Agney v. National City Mortgage
  • Judge Kardis heard motions from National City to dismiss. He ruled to dismiss one of the three counts (alleging fraud) but denied the other two (breach of contract and unjust enrichment). National City has 28 days to respond.

    Jessie Travis v. Kemper Casualty Insurance
  • A case management conference has been continued but no date was immediately set. Kemper must answer Travis' complaint within 21 days.

    Kathryn Dickenson v. Lincoln Benefit Life
  • The case was continued but no date was immediately set.

    Shirley Ramsey v, Creve Coeur Mortgage
  • Both parties asked that the case be continued. It was rescheduled for November 5th at 9:00 a.m.

    Kerry Hanke v. AIG Specialty Auto Insurance
  • Hanke’s motion to compel discovery was granted. AIG must produce an "ADP report" within 7 days. Hanke’s request for costs was denied.

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