A Madison County developer has sued a subcontractor, alleging subpar and unfinished work.

Gary Hunsche filed a lawsuit April 13 in Madison County Circuit Court against: Michael Wilson Sr.; Michael Wilson Jr.; Tara Lynn Wilson; Mike's Custom Walls Inc.; Mike's Custom Walls and Landscaping Inc.; and Superior Retaining Walls and Fencing Inc.

According to the complaint, Hunsche, in charge of developing 40 acres in Troy for a home, barns and a lake, contracted with Mike's Custom Walls, which later changed its name to Superior Retaining Walls and Fencing, to excavate, plant trees, install culverts and fences, remove trees, build a lake and dam, rip-rap creeks and build driveways.

The suit says Hunsche paid Superior $694,505, plus $30,000 directly to Michael Wilson Sr., but much work was left incomplete or had to be removed and rebuilt by another contractor because it wasn't performed to specification.

The plaintiff cites fraud, breach of contract, unjust enrichment and violation of the Consumer Fraud Act.

Husnche seeks $500,000, plus costs. He is is represented by attorney Andrew G. Toennies of Lashly and Baer in St. Louis.

Madison County Circuit Court case number: 15-L-459.

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