Roll Call reports Democrats likely 'lost hope' in 13th Congressional District; Davis raises $500K in third quarter

By David Yates | Oct 1, 2014

Former Madison County chief judge Ann Callis may be losing support in her fight to unseat U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis.

Roll Call, an online publication covering Capitol Hill, reported Monday that "House Majority PAC," a super PAC with ties to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, has canceled approximately $1 million in advertising for races throughout the Midwest and Northeast.

Illinois’ 13th Congressional District, which pits Republican incumbent Davis against Democrat Callis, is on that cancellation list.

According to the article, House Majority PAC canceled an undisclosed sum in the St. Louis broadcast television market between Oct. 14 and Oct. 20.

"This is likely a signal Democrats have lost hope to pick up Republican Rep. Rodney Davis’ seat," the report states.

Callis, who stepped down from a 19-year career on the bench last year to run, has trailed Davis in the polls and in cash raised.

A Sept. 21 poll released by Public Opinion Strategies showed Davis with a 19-point lead over Callis, with only 63 percent of those surveyed saying they have heard of Callis.

And today, the Davis campaign announced that it raised more than $500,000 in the third quarter which ended yesterday. It also reported $1.2 million on hand.

Third quarter fund-raising figures were not available for Callis. As of June 30, she had raised $1.3 million - half the amount of Davis’ $2.6 million at the time, according to campaign finance reports filed the Federal Election Commission.

House Majority PAC, as of Aug. 31, has spent nearly $11 million this election cycle in its quest to take back the House.

The Callis campaign also announced today that it was running a new ad, "Deserve," which touts her support for veterans.

Callis: Back home and alive, it’s all we ask for, but it’s not all they deserve. As a Judge, when I saw veterans in legal trouble, I created the state’s first Veterans’ Court to help them get treatment and get back on their feet. In Washington, I’ll always support military families and help veterans make the transition home, not just as your Congresswoman, but as a proud Army mom. I’m Ann Callis, and I approve this message.

The same ad, with a different title, "Home," ran in February, before the primary election.




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