May 28, 2014



$6,000- 2454 Seminary- Regina Lynn Blackburn- Sackett/ Eugene L. Sacket to American Goldfinch Preservation 


$78,000- 301 Valley View Dr.- Andrew S. Meyer and Maureen E. Meyer to Shelbi E. Borkowski

$63,000- 347 Spencer St.- Lucille Kelly to Troy and Amy Bozarth

$120,000- 25 Lee St.- Charles M. and Diane M. Dale to Matthew Cooper 


$9,100- 801 Beltline Rd.- Fairmont Bowl to City of Collinsville

$4,700- 801 Beltline Rd.- Fairmont Bowl to State of Illinois 

East Alton: 

$38,500- 815 Amherst- Declaration of Trust of Ruth Anita Grove to Megan Evans 


$162,400- 610 Yale Ave.- Daniel J.and Sarah Latina to Timothy D. Thannum and Stephanie N. Vitale

$90,000- 222 South Fillmore St.- Jamie Cox and Steven Cox to Gotham Holding LLC

$438,000- 5334 Fox Circle Dr.- Deron Lee and Lora Ann Upton to Christopher A. and Kim M. Curran

$180,000- 1399 Britany Ct.- Richard and Kim Unangst to Edward E. Gerber Jr. and Erin Stahlschmidt 

Glen Carbon: 

$385,000- 18 Wolf Creek Ct.- James W. and Susan J. Ebersoldt to Kelly Medlin 


$144,900- 905 Hampton Ct.- Carol R. Teaney to Chris and Virginia Bozarth

$119,500- 421 Chelsea Ct.- Amy C. Godar to Rachel S. Sasser

$151,000- 418 Saint John Dr.- Jeremy and Jennifer Loftis to Steven and Mariaelena Dodge

$80,000- 7508 Humbert Rd.- Ronald and Jane Booth to Lindsay Lasbury 

Granite City: 

$51,000- 2538 Edwards St.- Ivo Kankilaroff to Amanda C. Narup

$65,000- 2824 Birch Ave.- Deborah K. Justus to David Varela-Aguayo and Erica Perez

$54,521- 2614 Whipporwill Ln.- Secretary of HUD to Keith D. May 


$21,500- 104 North Delmar Ave.- Heirs of Clarence D. Pyle to Hartford , LLC 


$110,000- 1120 18th St.- Tracey L. Rommerskirchen to Kevin C. Coker

$93,000- 2910  Poplar St.- Joel Dapkus to Emmy Keller


$194,000- 137 Summit Ridge- Dickinson Investments Group to Katherine R. Davis

$143,000- 901 Andra Drive- Julia L. Schrenk to Brandon M. Goodrich and Laura B. Goodrich

$247,500- 113 Summit Ridge- Bryan and Stephaine Grimmer to Dale and Cynthia L. Myers

$180,500- 809 Copper Ridge- Mathew and Elizabeth Conway to Scott G. and Mary C. Ettling

New Douglas: 

$115,000- 12318 Mill Rd.- Rensing's Hog Farm Inc to Beth A. Bagacki 


$177,000- 3531 Pierland Dr.-  Dustin Allen Beard and Bobbi Sue Slattery to Joseph M. Gould Jr. and Nicole A. Gould 


$79,500- 507 Doerr St.- Matthew J. Herndon and Allison Herndon to Derrick McMillan 

St. Jacob:

$238,352- 10376 Carrollton Dr.- Penn Builders LLC to Joshua J. Helton and Jennifer L. Helton 

South Roxana: 

$3,500- Stephenson Ave.- Timothy and Tiffany Crank to Wayne and Barbara Elledge

$3,500- 414 Stephenson Ave.- Timothy and Tiffany Crank to Don and Judy Major

Wood River: 

$64,900- 525 Whitelaw Ave.- Michael C. Napp to Jacob Sever and Stephanie Sever 

May 30, 2014 


$55,000- 39 Holly Hill Dr.- Rusty L. and Teresa M. Cope to Margaret V. Cope

$64,000- 607 Henry St.- Thomas O. Falb and Michael P. Glisson to Aaron Joyce


$129,900- 202 Camelot Dr.- Glenn Docter to Bertis W. Bell and Marjorie E. Bell

$325,000- 7 Kensington- Eric Van Hook and Laura Van Hook to Jesse L. and Merry Pippins

$120,000- 295 Harding St.- Jason Seger to Ashley Evans

$76,750- 121 Mounds Ave.- Gretchen and Craig Gutjahr to Bernard L. Meyer and Jena S. Schulz 


$7,000- 771 Blvd De Cannes- James M. May to Darin Lee

$190,000- 22 Eagle Ct.- William Aksamit to Mary S. Patton

$137,000- 633 Vandalia St.- Gillian Acheson and Tim Sullivan to James Earl Stanley 

Glen Carbon: 

$120,000- 2953 Old Troy Rd.- Richard and Kathy Galbraith to Lisa Ann Lochirco 


$156,000- 3608 Rosenberg Ln.- Terrance and Virginia Ontis to Dawn M. Day 

Granite City:

$92,000- 2546 Pontoon Rd.- Matthew and Genin Strader to Angela Dolosic

$35,000- 2640 Guth St.- HSBC Mortgage Services to Shawn Ferguson

$145,560- 3024 Nameoki Rd.- RIchard M. Weiss to Julie Holt

$750- 1734 Olive St.- Robert Luken to James E. Bailey Sr.

$23,770- 2600 Hemlock Ave.- EH Pooled Investments to Christopher James Hill and Karen Kettler 


$85,000- 107 W. 6th St.- James Warren Stump to Phyllis J. Day 


$74,581- 19 Geneva Dr.- Bank of America to James R. and Lois A. Hess 


$10,000- 802 Valley Dr.- Elizabeth A. James and Daniel R. Walker

$90,000- 6819 W. Main- Mike Radosevich and Jamie L. Keil to Ian McLaughlin 


$186,000- 211 Crossington Ln- Daniel Casteel and Kimberly J. Casteel to Tracy Butler

$220,000- 306 Bass Dr.- Nancy Nemnich to Mitchell and Tracey Berkemeier

$89,000- 526 Whip Poor Will St. -Secretary of Veterans Affairs to B&D Quality Homes LLC 

Wood River: 

$79,900- 607 Whittier St.- Steve Baysden to Elizabeth and David Knetzer 


$32,000- Edwardsville Rd.- Charles Zirges to Luke McKenney and Laura McKenney 

June 2, 2014 


$960,000- 4500 Alby St.- Fred Finck to Alby Holdings


$25,000- 128 Garrettford Dr.- Schreiber Farm to CBH Construction 


$75,500- 245 Sumner Blvd.- Mary Arand and Robert Hustava to Perry W. and Teresa L. Kasper

$40,000- 539 Mary Ave.- Kathleen Platz and Kathleen Yung to Lonard Peer 


$1,000- 8587 N. Schiller St.- Lewis Mihalich to Prairietown Feed Service 

East Alton: 

$72,000- 239 Wood River Ave.- Joseph M. Gould Jr. and Nicole A. Gould to Tiffany Cook

$174,500- 257 Norwood Pl.- Charles W. and Shelley R. Hausman to Alice Marie and John E. Callison 


$262,500- 309 Shea Ct.- Valerie Sweatt to Andrew P. and Jennifer A. Gulotta

$254,500- 920 Timberlake Dr.- John Alan  and Teresa Eileen Ess to Jon N.  and Susan M. Diaz

$178,500- 1117 Randle St.- Marion F. Richards to Charles R. and Jennifer P. Wilkins

$128,000- 1905 Monticello Pl.- Nancy L. Compton to Valerie L. Sweatt 

Glen Carbon: 

$108,200- 496 Barkwood Ln.- PHH Mortgage to Michael D. Craddick and Tanya V. Craddick

$315,000- 136 Ellington Ct.- Authorized Signatory for Lerch Homes to Jeremy R. and Emily R. Vivian

$237,000- 3 Ginger Lea- Louis F. and Nancy C. Newport to Adam and Rachel Petersen 


$200,000- 5008 Southwood Dr.- David and Krysta Mueggenburg to Michele Rae Walker 

Granite City: 

$60,000- 3830 John Glenn Dr.- Leland L. and Mary C. Keel to Joshua P. Craig

$65,000- 3332 Palm St.- David W. Gaines to Tammy M. Christopher 


$198,000- 131 Willing Way- William Edward McNamee and Sharon G. Lynch to Scott and Carole Hassall

$107,000- 1141 Troy O'Fallon Rd.- Cynthia Holler and Janet Sabourin to David Bratten 

Wood River: 

$85,000- 451 Hamilton- Michael E. and Susan M. Sabolo to Michelle Steiner and Ryan Minnie 

June 3, 2014 


$140,000- 2409 Broadway- Theodore L. and Julianne Prehn to Ralph Schultz

$304,900- 8456 Paradise Key- Bradley J. and Randi D. Paslay to Christopher J. and Stacey L. Keith 


$87,000- 313 S. Walnut- Bradley and Megan Ramseier to Ashley V. Lawrence

$155,000- 125 Westmoreland Dr.- The Bluestone Group to Samuel and Whitney Walker 

East Alton: 

$25,000- 706 Valley Dr.- Michael R. Crouthers to Tile and More 


$229,000- 7473 Leslie Dr.- Richard a. and Vicky A. Adler to Louie J. and Donna L. Smith

$250,000- 6810 Deer Creek- Kimberly B. Sandifer to Michael D. and Tiffany K. Gerling

$139,000- 27 Shell Ln.- Burrow Investments to Christopher and Yolanda Gleason

$105,990- 1504 Oglesby Dr.- Governor's Way to Andrew and Erin Krieger

$237,500- 2408 Little Round Top- Seref Karacal to Nikita Tuzov and Olga Bezhanova

$187,000- 223 N. Buchanan St.- Andrew P. and Jennifer A. Gulotta to Daniel Frierdich and Brianna Frierdich 

Glen Carbon:

$149,000- 228 Lake Hillcrest Dr.- Julie A. Lutz to Hector and Patricia Chaidez

$325,000-26 Gray Cub Ct.-Nocturne Dsilva and Jennifer Dsilva to Brent and Lyn Broshow 


$156,000- 3206 Doral Dr.- Virginia M. Porter to Richard S. and Ashley M. Beran

$275,000- 6525 Timber Ridge Ln.- Jay and Patricia Tomerlin to David and Krysta Mueggenburg

$78,000- 214 W. Delmar Ave.- Ralph G. Rowden to Thomas J. Schwan

$3,000- Short St.- Carrie J. Bechtold, Camie Bechtold and Christopher to Mark and Beth Zumwalt 

Granite City: 

$72,000- 3029 Willow Ave. - Douglas E. Justus to Matthew Warfield and Carissa McCallister

$120,000- 1202 27th St.- Darin and Melissa A. Kimble to Jack e. nd Melodee A. Jenkins

$38,000- 2509 Reveres RTE- Fannie Mae to Nthan Kessler

$64,000- 3037 Maryville Rd.- Eric D. and Kathryn Whitehead to Amanda M. Johnson

$100,000- 5121 Sheila Dr.- Gilbert E. Smith II and Nicole A. Smith to Patrick D. Copeland

$84,000- 217 Wilson Park Ln.- Margie C. Murphy to Michael Young

$95,000- 2112 Richmond Ave.- Diane Hudzik to Raymond E. Anderson and Joan M. Anderson

$25,500- 5117 Old Alton Rd.- Kaja Holdings to David R. Farley II 


$125,000- 20 Kaeser Ct.- Thomas V. Korte to Mildred Frey, Gerlyn Agnes Weis and Mark A. Frey

$74,900- 701 B 4th St. - John Everette Clark and Cynthia sue Clark to Shannon M. Smith

$147,500- 1288 Acorn Rd.- Repiv Limited Partnership to Michelle D. and Frank R. Nation

$144,000- 1415 Lynn St. -William E. and Amy M. Kuehl to Daisy S. Sterkis

$114,500- 30B Chase Way- Lynn M and Emily B. Van Winkle to Ronald E. and Janet B. Hunsche

$435,000- 2450 Becker Rd.-Warren M and Kristan L. Byrd to Kane M. and Jennifer R. Freeman

$240,000- 90 Tara Trail - Kane M. and Jennifer R. Freeman to Benton J. and Jami Lynne Eberwein

$229,000- 42 Shadywoods Ln.- Josie Beard to Garrett M. and Kattie M. Hoyt

$228,500- 45 Tara Trail- Artemio S. and Excelsa A. Basuel to Brain D. and Rebecca Janiszewski

$156,000- 10 Sunset Dr.- Gary J. Horstmann and Curtis G. Horstmann to David P. and Patricia J. Harling 


$216,000- 4633 Marine Rd.- Lauren M. Marshall to Richard O. and Corena N. Barbee III 


$181,000- 820 Rolling Meadows- Kevin M. and LInda S. Williams to Anthony C. and Celia Hart 

St. Jacob: 

$154,000- 201 Jessica Dr.- Benton J. and Jami Lynne Eberwein to Joseph F. and Karen S. Schultze 


$127,500- 8438 Country Ln.- Estate of Andrew Gombos to Kenneth Zirkle

$286,000- 305 McClelland Dr.- Construction Solutions to Trisha L. Feldman 

Wood River: 

$98,500- 128 Grand Ave.- Jenny Hammond to Julio C. Amador-Martinez

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