A man has filed suit against an Illinois company where he claims a security guard threw him to the ground and refused to allow him entry on the premises for no reason.

A man identified only as R. Gray filed suit April 17 in the Madison County Circuit Court against Andrew Dillon and Paragon Systems Inc., doing business as Parasys Inc.

According to the complaint, Gray entered Paragon Systems and proceeded through a magnetometer. After walking through the device with no incident, Gray attempted to gather his binder and metallic effects, which he had placed through an x-ray machine, according to the complaint.

However, defendant Andrew Dillon, who worked as a security guard for the company, refused to allow Gray entry and asked him to submit to additional screening. Gray questioned Dillon’s motive for submitting him to additional screening and Dillon suddenly grew hostile, shaking his handcuffs at Gray, the suit states. Dillon then told Gray he would have to leave the building, the complaint says. Gray agreed to the request, then sat in chairs near the building’s exit, he claims.

Dillon proceeded to strike Gray and to kick him several times, according to the complaint. Gray claims he saw Dillon pull his steel tactical baton and raise it in an attempt to bludgeon Gray when Dillon was separated from Gray by bystanders.

Because of the incident, Gray suffered spinal injuries, endured grievous mental anguish and pain and incurred a permanent disability, the suit states. He also incurred general damages of more than $250,000 and has lost earnings, the complaint says.

Gray is seeking a judgment of more than $250,000, plus other relief the court deems just. He is being represented by Kent Gray of Kent Gray in Springfield.

Madison County Circuit Court case number 14-L-598.

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