To the Editor:

My name is Brad Wells; I am the Chief Deputy Sheriff for the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. I am in my 24th year as a law enforcement officer. I have served the City of Wood River as a patrolman and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy sheriff. I was hired by former Sheriff Bob Churchich.

Shortly after I came to work at the Sheriff’s Office I sought the assistance and guidance of Bob Hertz. At that time he was the Chief of Detectives and held the rank of Captain. I had an interest in all aspects of police work but I had a passion for working the violent crimes and helping the people in our region. I had several mentors who were retired from police work, upon finding out I was going to work at the Sheriff’s Office, recommend to me that I seek the advice of Bob Hertz.

Bob Hertz did not know much about me but I explained to him what mentors of mine had recommended. Bob Hertz took time with me to share things that he had learned over his career. He talked about the many cases, some of which were very high profile murder cases that he had worked. The thing that stood out the most to me was he was very non-arrogant and non-egotistical when he talked about the things that went good and the things that went bad while working these cases.

Bob Hertz has a resume of working high profile violent crimes with the Major Case Squad and Madison County, Illinois that he will not brag about, or use to his advantage, even during an election process.

Bob Hertz was elected Sheriff in 2002. During his time as Sheriff he has promoted me through the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, and Major. I now serve as his Chief Deputy Sheriff. He has placed me in positions of Deputy Commander with the Major Case Squad, Coordinator of the Madison County Child Abduction Response Team, and sent me to the prestigious F.B.I. National Academy in Quantico, Va. where I graduated in Session 233.

Bob Hertz is a good Sheriff. Not one murder case has gone unsolved for the Madison County Sheriff’s Office with Bob Hertz as your Sheriff.

As early voting runs through March 3 to March 15 and Election Day is March 18, I am recommending to my friends and citizens of Madison County, Illinois to cast a vote for Sheriff Bob Hertz.

Brad Wells

Wood River

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