Madison County real estate Dec. 3-9

By Sarah Powers | Dec 20, 2013

December 3, 2013

December 3, 2013


  • $1,100- Torch Club Rd.- Estate of Thomas L. Keller to Jonathan W. Van Hoesen

  • $46,812- 3868 Torch Club Rd.- Thomas L. Keller Estate to Anthony J. Rickert

  • $29,000- 2614 Hillcrest Avenue- CitiMortgage INC. to Barry L. Williams and Emily J. Williams


  • $34,500- 2903 Keebler Road- Regions Bank to Dean Heth and Donna Heth

  • $98,000- 210 Lee Ave.- Kristy Merz to Steven Kite


  • $88,000- 221 5th Avenue- June King to Jacob E. Unangst and Christina L. Unangst

  • $168,500- 226 Thomas Terrace- Steven McCormick to Charles M. Gallant

  • $94,500- 1407 Madison Avenue- Lynette R. Noeltner to Lindsey M. Loyd

  • $190,000- 305 North Main St.- Janice McDonald to Lamar Construction INC.

  • $152,000- 723 Randle Street- Cameron L. Pursley and Misty D. Pursley to Aaron Fields and Nicole Fields

Glen Carbon

  • $300,000- 508 Briarstone Drive- Remington Properties LLC to Darin Copeland and Angel Copeland

  • $294,275- 133 Ellington Court- Spencer Homes LLC to Kenneth A. Dillon and Michelle S. Bohnenstiehl


  • $68,250- 405 Saint John Drive- Federal National Mortgage Association to Christopher J. Rynders Jr.

Granite City

  • $13,300- 3026 Marshall Avenue- Jeffrey C. Hudzik to HOMEiNVESTORS LLC

  • $131,000- 2332 Zippel Avenue- HOMEiNVESTORS LLC to Karen L. Mayo

  • $63,500- 2329 Cardinal Avenue- HSBC Bank to Margaret Raftery


  • $145,000- 954 Weathervane Lane- Wells Fargo Financial Illinois INC. to John A. Adams Jr.

  • $148,005- 42 Westbrooke- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs yo Gary R. English

Wood River

  • $71,400- 292 12th St.- Jay S. Wright and Brittney Wright to Stefani Vogel


  • $85,000- Underwood Lane- William G. Miller to Nicholas K. Pieri

  • $50,000- 538 N. Shirley- Chester Cleyon Hagan and Lois Marie Hagan to Sean Fenton and Leigh Fenton

December 4, 2013


  • $71,565- Torch Club Rd.- Thomas L. Keller Estate to Stutz Farm Partnership

  • $66,599- 3868 Torch Club Rd.- Thomas L. Keller Estate to Kristina Middleton


  • $100,000- 7505 Bethalto Rd- Neal Sheppard to Adam and Amanda Sheppard


  • $145,000- 324 Merrell St.- Kevin L. Schaller to Elizabeth Breihan

  • $74,500- 408 Lumaghi Heights- Frank J. Pace to Steve G. Lexow

Glen Carbon

  • $52,900- 205 Meridian Oaks Drive- Meridian Manors Development LLC to Hunziker Homes INC.

  • $301,681- 125 Ellington Court- Lerch Homes INC. to Kevin P. Merrick and Danielle Merrick


  • $155,000- 1315 Ridgefield Drive- James Whorl and Anna Whorl to Keith and Mary Beth Mobley

  • $67,500- 211 Bachman Lane- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Lavada F. Nored

  • $145,000- 75715 Davis Lane- Patrick E. and Morgan Bartlett to Garry E. and Pamela J. Majors

Granite City

  • $14,100- 2437 E. 24th St.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Linda Fay Menke

  • $91,000- 3708 Ruth Dr.- Howard Lynch and Angela Lynch to Linda L. Foster and David P. Foster

  • $25,536- 427 Old Rock Rd.- The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company to David Bailey

  • $87,000- 54 Country Place Lane- Franklin E. Pinkston and Rosemarie Pinkston to Michael J. Curran and Joyce A. Curran

  • $50,000- 2200 Miracle Ave.- David P. Foster and Linda L. Foster to Frederick W. Nimon

  • $35,150- 4908 Hills Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Kacy Cho


  • $190,000- 5 Auburn Court and 15 Chase Way- First National Bank in Staunton to Thomas R. Theiss Trust and E. Louanne Theiss Trust


  • $139,000- 2806 Keebler Rd.- Douglas Scott Griffith and Cindi Marie Griffith to David Knoche and Mary Knoche

  • $128,000- 6220 State Route 162- Richard Haubold and Juli K. Haubold to Jamie J. Conley and Shelly L. Done


  • $48,000- 7056 Heartland Drive- Michael Capps to Brian Mann


  • $185,000- 511 Lakewood Dr.- Jonathan B. Kottkamp and Pamela J. Kottkamp to Mark A. Dochterman and Justine L. Dochterman

Wood River

  • $22,510- 41 Harnett Avenue- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Christine Velloff

December 5, 2013


  • $95,000- 4808 Storeyland Dr.- Todd Bartoszkiewicz to Terry J. and Rita R. Ortman


  • $193,000- 22 Klein Drive- Robert F. Papaik to Teri Hopwood


  • $85,500- 5 Red Rose- Douglas M. Rankin and Lori C. Rankin to Robert Hamner and Arlene Hamner

  • $200,000- 27 Bliss Terrace- Brian E. Aubuchon and Melissa A. Aubuchon to Brian Gries and Siera Gries

  • $46,000- 132 Collinsville Avenue- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Horrell Homes LLC


  • $152,000- 1212 University Drive Unit 6- Randy R. Pruetzel to Patricia Anderson


  • $10,500- 7514 North Humbert Road- Bat Holdings 8 to Bruce and Babette Grezebach

  • $191,000- 3401 Whiteclif Lane- Bruce M. and Elizabeth L. Paule to John T. and Stephanie Lyn Lovseth

Granite City

  • $19,250- 2600 Hemlock- Federal National Mortgage Association to EH Pooled Investments LP


  • $103,000- 1335 B Poplar Street Unit 5- Michael J. Bjornson to David Korte and Ruth Korte

  • $270,000- 2 Willow Creek Drive- Larry Korte and Ethel Korte to Ervin G. and Jill M. Schwend

  • $192,000- 45 Falcon Drive East- Darren A. Altadonna to Michelle L. Kuczka

  • $148,647- 12358 State Route 143- Highland Country Three LLC to Rachel Crow


  • $91,000- 411 North Nebraska- Zachery Symmonds and Kristy Symmonds to Debra Durbin

South Roxana

  • $12,500- 1100 Park Street- Beneficial Financial I INC. to Ronnie Flanigan and Kayla Flanigan

St. Jacob

  • $204,450- 704 5th St.- Lindow Contracting INC. to Todd S. Rehg and Stephanie L. Rehg

  • $199,000- 2004 Grandview Drive- Joshua and Susan Bohnenstiehl to Brandon Gentry and Shannon Gentry


  • $113,000- 22 Cedarbrooke- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Bruce Domescik

  • $155,000- 519 Franklin Ave.- Donna L. Kirkpatrick to Ronald L. J. Voelkel and Norma J. Voelkel

Wood River

  • $17,000- 976 East Penning Avenue- Andrew H. Gernigin to Jake P. Taylor

December 6, 2013


  • $58,000- 2621 Judson Ave.- Conrad P. Hlavacek Jr. and Diana L. Hlavacek to Eryn Dean

  • $82,000- 2802 Benbow Avenue- Nicholas D. Wahle to Arthur Hoffman

  • $90,000- 305 W. Elm St.- Mark and Audrey Stewart to Kendall N. and Nicholas R. Cain


  • $63,000- 951 Dackk Road- Scott Howard and Karen Howard to Steven J. Van Hoose and Amy E. Van Hoose

  • $75,000- 203-205 S. Aurora Street- Jimmie L. Melton and Diana R. Melton to Douglas Hartmann Jr.

  • $92,000- 417 S. Clinton St.- Christopher P. Lamport and Stephanie M. Lamport to Michael Luther Jones Sr.

Cottage Hills

  • $35,000- 1303 6th St.- Patricia S. Mohr and Bonnie L. Thompson to David W. Thompson and Bonnie L. Thompson


  • $218,000- 16 Shore Drive SW- Betty A. Wild to Jeffrey Bane and Deborah Bane

Granite City

  • $13,000- 2312 Miracle Avenue- Gloria Schmerbauch to SR Miracle 1 Trust

  • $52,500- 3108 Willow Ave.- Steven M. Rudolph to Gary R. Williams and Carol J. Williams


  • $24,000- 701 Lee Street- CRInvestments LLC to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC

  • $47,500- 1709 5th Street- Khristion Gaines to Ava Ann Deboe


  • $47,000- 410 Troy Ave.- Alice Y. Anderson to Scott R. Smith and Eric R. Smith

December 9, 2013


  • $20,000- 3447 Fullerton Avenue- CP-SRMOF II 2012-A Trust by U.S. Bank Trust National Association to Robert B. Carter Jr. and Rose Mary Carter

  • $6,500- 1900 Muny Vista Court- Willie Frey Properties LLC to City of Alton


  • $120,000- 310 Northcrest Drive- Carol D. Morgan to Gary J. Wellen

  • $175,000- 1503 Waverly Drive- Kristofer Glennon Kathmann to Lori Price


  • $265,000- 8729 Old Moro Rd.- Michael LeBrun to Justin Zimmerman and Susan Spinteo

East Alton

  • $50,000- 818 Bee Tree Lane- HSBC Mortgage Services INC. to Ashley M. Romero


  • $245,000- 1335 Gerber Woods Drive- Jason Mevius and Jessica Mevius to Drew A. Pigeon and Jennifer B. Pigeon

  • $194,000- 2012 Stanford- Joyce J. DeRousse and Loretta M. De Rousse to John Shank and Casey Shank

  • $14,491,795- 14 W Gateway Commerce Center Dr.- Mept Edwardsville LLC to GW Distribution Center I & II LLC

  • $195,000- 881 Vassar Dr.- Christopher L. Stanley and Patricia M. Stanley to Stephanie Robbins

Glen Carbon

  • $120,000- 13 Saddlewood Lane- Jaclyn Scroggins and Kenny Scroggins to Benjamin A. Parada and Shannon C. McCarkel

  • $223,000- 236 Star Lane- Charles Russell Allen and Barri D. Allen to Daniel Nelson and Karie Nelson

Granite City

  • $28,000- Steele Drive- A.S.P. Development INC. to Royalty Custom Homes LLC

  • $29,132- 2814 Idaho Avenue- S. Paul Zarlingo to Tim J. Zarlingo and Peggy A. Zarlingo

  • $37,500- 2625 Center Street- Mary Anna Kaminski to Laura E. Vickers


  • $175,500- 1939 Wellington Lane- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jermaine M. Akins and Amber L. Akins

Pontoon Beach

  • $18,558,205- 9 East Gateway Commerce Center Dr.- Mept Pontoon Beach LLC to GW Distribution Center I & II LLC


  • $440,436- Troy O'Fallon Rd.- Joan Spencer to Mike Maedge

  • $177,000- 621 Meadowlark Street- John C. Shank and Casey D. Shank to Larry W. Powell and Sharon A. Powell

  • $175,000- 323 Collinsville Road- Joshua and Jennifer Helton to Darryl A. Seitz Jr.

Wood River

  • $42,400- 230 East Acton- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to St. Cecilia Mercy Trust

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