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Saturday, April 4, 2020

U.S. Federal Trade Commission

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  • Lawsuit claims plaintiffs law firm uses data from privacy app to file TCPA claims

    Legal reform advocates think they’ve found a prime example of plaintiffs attorneys “gaming the system” to collect big awards under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

  • Supreme Court rejects Tillery's latest attempt to revive Price v. Philip Morris

    SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Supreme Court has denied attorney Stephen Tillery's request to recall a mandate the Court issued a decade ago after it struck down a $10.1 billion judgment against Philip Morris. In the same announcement posted this afternoon, the Court also denied Tillery's move to recuse or disqualify Justice Lloyd Karmeier from hearing the matter. Only Justice Robert Thomas did not participate in the decisions. Karmeier denied a similar recusal motion last year, after Tillery’s b

  • Next round begins in lawyers' battle for billions; Tillery team seeks to restore Price, disqualify Karmeier

    SPRINGFIELD – Lawyer Stephen Tillery wants all Illinois Supreme Court Justices except Lloyd Karmeier to consider restoring a $10 billion judgment he won against cigarette maker Philip Morris in 2003. On Nov. 17, Robert King of Tillery’s firm moved to recall a mandate the Court issued against the judgment in 2005. King also moved for Karmeier’s recusal or disqualification, citing an objective and reasonable public perception of his bias in favor of Philip Morris.