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Report: Metro-East property tax rates nearly double national average

Both Madison and St. Clair County taxpayers paid a higher effective tax rate than the national average in 2017, a year which also saw continued outmigration from the region.

Progressive tax proposal would mean as much as a $600 tax hike for typical Metro East family

Though some politicians claim a progressive income tax would only affect the rich, rates established under House Bill 3522 would raise income taxes on middle-class families.

Outmigration fuels Madison, St. Clair County population dips in 2017

Madison and St. Clair counties both saw their populations decline from July 2016 to July 2017, thanks to outmigration – a problem the counties have been dealing with for years.

Lawmaker proposes statewide 'Zombie Preparedness Month'

In one of the first proposals of the new General Assembly, state Rep. Chris Welch, D-Westchester, proposed making October 2017 “zombie preparedness month.”