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Vote for pro-energy Congress and President

By Brian Kasal | Jul 9, 2012

The news of record high gas prices have disappeared from the headlines. But the fears — even expectations — that they could return are still very much with us.

Stable Energy Supply from a Stable Friend

By Brian Kasal | May 1, 2011

While environmentalists are threatening to chain themselves to trees in order to prevent a pipeline intended to carry crude oil from Canada to U.S. refineries, the rest of the country is working on a solution to unchain our energy dependence from unstable Middle Eastern countries.

Let's develop ALL the energy in America!

By Brian Kasal | Feb 6, 2011

There's no denying the allure of "green jobs" as a concept. Who could object to renewable energy sources with minimal environmental impact? How practical such jobs are now and how soon they will offer widespread opportunity for employment are questions that need to be asked and answered, however. Any anticipated benefit from green jobs should be measured against the enormous economic impact of careers

Canada's oil is a boom we don't want to miss

By Brian Kasal | Aug 22, 2010

The development of Canada's vast reserves of oil sands will make a mighty contribution to the U.S. economy and improve our national security as well.

Revitalizing the economy with tax increases?

By Brian Kasal | Jul 8, 2010

Our economy is in the tank and we want to keep it there, but the only way we can do that is by stifling everything necessary for recovery. So, let's all get together on this and do our best to discourage business expansions and job creation. Most important, let's increase taxes on oil production, so the ripple effect of higher prices will depress demand throughout the economy and forestall recovery

Learning the right lessons from the Gulf oil spill

By Brian Kasal | Jun 8, 2010

Anyone who has ever basked on a sunny Florida beach or devoured a fried oyster poboy in New Orleans has a psychological stake in the successful cleanup of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Every single person in America has a financial stake as well, for the oil and natural gas tapped by offshore drilling contribute to almost every aspect of our lives.

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