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'Hatchet piece' editorial took no guts to write

Letter to the Editor

By The Madison County Record | Apr 24, 2018

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To the Editor:

I would much rather discuss this with the author of this hatchet piece editorial - Special prosecutors for everyone! - but since your fine publication allows its writers to hide behind the generic byline of “by the Madison County Record” that is impossible. It takes no guts whatsoever to issue an opinion, make personal slurs, or take any sort of stand in a venue where you can remain completely anonymous. Such conduct is completely reprehensible and without honor. Here is what I take issue with: 

1) You infer in the first part of this editorial that Mr. Foley is “impugning the integrity of senior law enforcement” by the motion that was filed. Mr. Foley has in fact made no such assertion and never would. Anyone with any knowledge of him or who had done any research into him would know he has a close family member in law enforcement and would never impugn its integrity.

2) You take a personal shot at his schoolwork or possibly his intelligence by insinuating “that semantics may not have been his best subject in school” and “that he may not have mastered logic either.” For a publication that covers the legal proceedings in Madison & St. Clair Counties you sure must not know much about how legal briefs and motions are filed. Mr. Foley has an attorney. A very good attorney. No attorney worth his salt has a client draft his motions or legal briefs and you should know that. To take this unwarranted personal shot at Mr. Foley in this manner shows a possible ignorance of legal proceedings by the author and places your publication on the same level of the St. Louis Evening Whirl that mostly reported rumors and innuendo via prose and was read mostly for entertainment value, not fact or learned opinion. 

Anyone who has followed his case as your publication has should be wondering why this case is taking so long to adjudicate. Could it possibly be because there are real problems with the truth of information provided during the investigation including the information used as basis for the charges or the methods used to obtain the information? Any publication that covers legal proceedings should also know that Mr. Foley is innocent until proven guilty and has every right to have his attorney defend him with every legal tool available to him. 

Mr. Foley also has concerns for the people of Madison County as pertains to this case and as such has the right to make the assertions that he has in this motion and it is up to the Judge presiding over this case to decide on the appropriateness of the motion and whether to grant it or not. Not some anonymous author who is showing an obvious prejudice against Mr. Foley. I understand that this piece is just an opinion issued by this anonymous author, but when that anonymous author makes personal attacks the publication assumes the risk and liability for making those attacks. 

Unlike your author, I will sign this email and use my factual name.

Jim DeCourcy

Wood River

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