A man’s ex-wife seeks to consolidate two defamation cases. The two cases involve the ex-wife and new wife and accuse each of the women of defamation.

Kimberly Wilson, the ex-wife, filed her lawsuit on Oct. 22 against Sharonda Wilson, the current wife. Sharonda Wilson filed her lawsuit on Sept. 10 against Kimberly Wilson.

Kimberly Wilson filed a motion to consolidate the cases on Nov. 3.

A hearing on the motion to consolidate is scheduled for Jan. 8 at 9 a.m.

In Kimberly Wilson’s complaint, she alleges Sharonda Wilson filed false police reports and attempted to get her fired from her position as a school teacher by falsely claiming to school officials that the Kimberly Wilson was harassing one of her students (15-L-1365).

Kimberly Wilson is represented by Erin Phillips of Unsell, Schattnik & Phillips in Wood River.

Sharonda Wilson answered that complaint on Nov. 25 through attorney Christopher Bent of St. Louis. She including 12 affirmative defenses arguing that the plaintiff’s claims are barred by doctrines of estoppel, quasi-estoppel, laches, waiver and unclean hands. She also argues that her actions were “taken in good faith and were based on a reasonable believe (sic) that such conduct comported with the law or interpretations thereof.”

Kimberly Wilson seeks damages in excess of $50,000, plus court costs.

In Sharonda Wilson’s complaint, she alleges Kimberly Wilson told another party that Sharonda Wilson was not trustworthy and was cheating on her husband. Sharonda Wilson alleges these allegations are false and were made to damage her reputation and her therapy business, which relies on word-of-mouth referrals to gain clients (15-L-1166).

Madison County Circuit Court case number 15-L-1365

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