Madison County real estate Nov. 20-25

By Carrie Gonzalez | Dec 15, 2015

A list of recent real estate transactions for Madison County. Including Alhambra, Alton, Bethalto, Collinsville, Cottage Hills, East Alton, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Godfrey, Granite City, Hamel, Hartford, Highland, Madison, Maryville, Moro, Pontoon Beach, Roxana, St. Jacob, Troy, Wood River and Worden.

Madison County Real Estate :

November 20, 2015


•$116,000- 239 W. Elm St. - Patrick McCreary to David and Nancy Elson

•$20,000- 1115 McPherson Ave. - Diana McFarland to Craig Gamrath


•$20,500- 329 Plum St. - Secretary of HUD to Carol L. Crittenden- Proffitt


•$56,000- 8637 N. St. Rt. 159- Larry and Deborah Schmitt to Gary Niemeier

E. Alton

•$45,000- 640 Monroe St. - Florence and Carlos L. Griffin to Philipio L. Green


•$85,000- 7332 Hearthstone Blvd. - Kevin and Rachel Diekemper to Carlos and Lisa Delgado


•$282,000- 1210 Seasons dr. - Clint and Angie Ross to William and Monica Brooks

•$94,900- 524 Pearl St. - Sterling J. and Lina Zimmerman to Carol Watts

Granite City

•$8,500- 2650 Madison Ave. - Freedom Homes to Gilmore Properties and Investment


•$203,750- 65 Jardin Cr. - Charles A. and Jennifer L. Camillo to Relo Direct Goverment Services


•$35,000- 4462 Wagner Rd. - Thomas R. Walker to Marilyn A. Haegele


•$66,000- 514 Doerr St. - Lindsay A. Burnett to Shirley A. Spann

November 23, 2015


•$92,500- 5015 Terry Dr. - Michael Tanney to Paul R. and Janis Butler

•$104,000- 3103 Mission Rd. - Gregory S. MCormick to Leslie A. and Roberta L. Roderfeld


•$33,000- 8050 Lost Bridge Rd. - Charles F. and Barbara C. Pelan to Nichoals R. and Emily C. Mooshegian


•$128,000- 1008 Powell Ave. - Adam G. and Natalie Kneller to Toby L. Wallace

•$30,000- 300 Bethel Rd. - William A. Krawczyk and Yvonne O'Connell to Home Investors

•$4,000- Vandalia St. - Frances L. Artimis to Thomas E. and Elizabeth A. Clark

•$34,000- 119 Wing Ave. - Doug Hartmann Jr. to Jamone Bester

•$38,500- 301 Merrell St. - Joseph A. Bussmann III and Charlotte A. Bussmann to Jerry and Debra Carver

•$105,500- 208 Cheryl Dr. - Lonnie J. and Christine E. Fears to Abigail Snyder


•$326,000- 6 Goldenrod Ln.- Kurt and Brenda Seelbach to Richard A. Jr. and Chelsie Wooten

•$156,000- 910 N. Main st. - Byler Properties to Gregory H. and Julie Ann Worthen

•$590,000- 3734 Cabernet Ln. - Cory Heng and Rafe Heng to Michael J. and Kristen E. Fries

•$87,000- 529 N. Kansas St. - Cheryl L. Hubbard to Lynette K. Sproull

•$84,500- 7651 Bordeaux Dr. - Arbor Lake Development to Spencer Homes

•$300,000- 328 Shea Ct. - Prairieland Builders to Linda K. St. Ivany

•$337,500- 1103 St. Louis St. - James Joseph Zupanci and Gloria Jean Zupanci to Daniel Craig and Jayme Lytle

Glen Carbon

•$217,500- 8 Crimson Ct. - Stancey D. Granger to Kimberly Thomas

•$125,000- 116 Bayhill Blvd. - Dallas L. Williams to Diamante Capital

•$111,300- 327 Glen Carbon Rd. - Alison Hebrank to Brenda Hebrank


•$152,000- 902 Taylor Ave. - Travis Tarrant and Mark Harman to Michael and Jessica Tanney

Granite City

•$25,000- 2415 Pine St. - Sharron F. Case to Martha Alicia Rocio

•$550,000- 3102 Nameoki Rd. - Grasso Bros. Land Co. to Keith Hoogland Limited Partnership


•$35,000- 2138 Tuscany Ridge Ct. - Milburn Road to Hunziker Homes


•$29,000- 121 Main St. - Dennis D. Klein to Scott T. Mihalich

Pontoon Beach

•$10,000- 4189 Revelle Ln. - Sammy J. Sr. and Tammy L. Shafer to SS Haulin' and Excavating


•$67,900- 1427 Crimson King Way - Shadow Woods Development to Aaron's Custom Home Construction

•$384,000- 8820 Wheat Dr. - Premier Homes by Jones to Robert and Rebecca S. Riepshoff

•$425,000- 485 Tyler Dr. - Foreman Homes to Andrew B. Whitley

Wood River

•$41,500- 301 N. 1st St. - US Bank to Jared Childress

November 24, 2015


•$77,000- 2614 Watalee St. - Christopher J. and Julie E. Henkhaus to Christopher A. Harrington

•$105,000- 3106 College Ave. - Nicholas and Elizabeth . Sheppard to Ian A. Taul


•$204,000- 8141 Lost Bridge Rd. - Ryan G. E. Frazier to Charles and Barbara Pelan

E. Alton

•$73,500- 210 Northmoor Pl. - Federal National Mortgage to James Groesch


•$254,000- 6345 Makayla Brooke Ln. - Christopher and Cheryl Cahnovsky to Nathan R. and Wilhelmina Roney

•$130,000- 104 Dewey Dr. - Marilyn Thomas to Jeannetta S. Leitsch

•$163,500- 5656 Sugar Loaf Rd. - Brian S. and Christina S. Venarsky to Darrell P. Sheets

•$95,000- 895 Portland Ave.- Jenni Underwood and Grahm W. Underwood to Gary Jr. and Sarah Downs


•$335,000- 2860 Indian Meadows Ln. - Larry N. and Virginia D. Thomas to Steven and Julie Gower

•$575,000- 3340 Snider Ave. - Gerald and Kelly Sherman to Noah K and Karen Brown

•$151,500- 182 Holiday Dr. - September N. Ruf and Joel M. Ruf to Evan G. Downey

•$220,000- 1126 Chancellor Dr. - Daniel and Cynthia Bandy to Pallav and Shilaben Patel

•$139,000- 707 Yale Dr. - Andrew and Jessica Bohannon to Jennifer A. Kenney

•$90,000- 4714 N. State Route 157- Lino Max Berendson to Ryan Withers

Glen Carbon

•$172,900- 12 Jason Dr. - Michael and Cassie Gregory to Jasmine Kumar

•$45,000- 196 Summit Ave. - Edward Joseph and Linda Self to JAy Steinhauer


•$750- Summerfield Ln. - Toni Lynn Altier to Peter S. Elgers

•$112,500- 320 Mercury Dr. - Marchia A. Bailey to Michael and Mary Lamere

Granite City

•$33,000- 4913 Redwood Ln. - Linda R. Nichols to Tom Henry and Shirley Ann Hurley

•$65,000- 17 Wilson Park Dr. - Bryan D. Towery to Lora C. Marmion

•$112,500- 5 Blue Spruce Ct. - David and Mary Ann Gensert to Zachary and Tatiana Vinson


•$50,000- 511 Broadway - Katie Henrichs, Becky and Bruce Bellm to James Van Winkle

•$127,500- 65 Sunfish Dr. - David B. Seefeldt to Thomas II and Sarah R. Kinkead

•$82,000- 713 5th St. - Frank and Karen L. Kunz to Options HME

•$161,000- 4834 Cedar Spring Dr. - Travis L. and Amanda S. Torbeck to Gerald Huelskamp and Erin D. RIchey


•$228,500- 113 Derby Ln. - Roger and Sandra Brewer to Richard and Cathy Gains

•$146,000- 2825 Keebler Rd. - Geralyn A. Hobbs to Christopher Cahnovsky


•$301,865- Vacant Lot E. Mill Creek Rd. - Joseph M. Riebold and Kristine M. Kelley to Alan J. and Sandra A. Poletti

•$213,760- Vacant Lot E. Mill Creek Rd. - Joseph M. Riebold and Kristine M. Kelley to Randal J. and Reata J. McAllister

November 25, 2015


•$26,500- 724 Linden St. - Secretary of HUD to Aaron Joyce

•$113,900- 1106 Washington Ave. - Narine Sargsyan to Nathan and Amy S. Floyd

•$53,000- 2131 Dunnegan St. - Franklin and Karon Esarey to Susan Frasier

•$77,000- 625 Mather St. - Bruce A. and Elizabeth J. Boyd to David and Laura Asher

•$207,000- 1811 Muny Vista Ct. - Richard Ed Schuetz to Eric Judge and Melinda G. Starr

•$43,000- 1731 Clawson St. - Philip D. Bear to Benjamin Orban


•$64,000- 128 Windsor Pl. - First Collinsville Bank to Mark and Karen Augustyn

•$159,900- 22 Parkside DR. - Shirley M. Pruett to Carla J. Cunningham

•$114,900- 530 Courtesy Ln. - Marilyn K. Tohill to Cindy L. Christeson and Patricia Fletcher


•$76,500- 519 Mary Ave. - Brian and Andrea Harmon to Salvador Delgado Carrillo and Jovita Arteaga Salinas

Cottage Hills

•$135,000- 412 Ruth Ave. - Lydia M. Kehr to Carl Butler


•$268,500- 621 St. Louis St. - Michael and Stefanee Keth to Bryan and Renee D. Childs

•$290,000- 7 Eagle Ct. - M. John Hopkinss IV and Michelle Hopkins to James Joseph and Gloria Jean Zupanci

Glen Carbon

•$60,000- 119 Savannah Ct. - Oaklawn Estates Developement to Spencer Homes

•$347,000- 62 Oakshire Dr. W. - Definitive Home and Design Inc to Geoffrey and Carissa Tepovich

•$460,000- 265 Fountain Dr. - Robert C. and Susan M. McBride to Gerald J. and Kelly Sherman


•$745,000- 4009 Stoneledge Ct. - Timothy F. Campbell to Thomas Q. Keefe III and Jennifer S. Mann

•$150,000- 2 Eden Hall Dr. - Victoria Nemec to Eden Corp.

•$55,000- 5901 Dogwood Ln. - Amy L. Stark and Brandin Moore

Granite City

•$14,500- 906 24th St. - Secretary of HUD to Megan Kohlhas


•$192,000- 824 Piquard Ct - Carole L. Allen to Michael S. and Julie L. Beiser


•$193,000- 85 Jardin Cr. - Steven E. and Kristina L.M. Lynn to Lonnie J. and Christine E. Fears

Wood river

•$24,000- 203 Shawnee - Christopher S. and Tamara K. Ammann to Mark and Karen Augustyn

•$32,000- 1480 Williams St. - Robin J. Depew, Debra L. Williams and Richard L. to 3 Rivers Group


•$1,806,900- 9249 Church Rd. - Linda Cates Brantley and Gary Blase to Grandview Farm Limited Partnership

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