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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Madison County real estate July 21-27

By Carrie Gonzalez | Aug 4, 2015

Madison County Real Estate:

July 21, 2015


•$152,000- 430 Belleview Ave. - Christopher and Mary Luzecky to Casey J. Kasparek and Jennifer Cline

•$32,000- 2913 Buena Vista Ave. - Mary Ellen Roemer to Carson Green

•$64,000- 3640 Berkeley Ave. - David Wendle to Kristina Knueven

•$62,500- 1613 Ridge St. - Ryan and Kacie Langeland to Heather Barrett

•$18,500- 2305 Pebble Creek Dr. - Chicago Title - Land Sales to Lawanda Washington

•$98,000- 1900 Worden Ave. - Christine and James Velloff, Mark and Diane Adams to Luke A. McClaine

•$64,000- 3215 Edsall - Eric and Lacey Dodd to David Flemming


•$195,000- 13 Shallow Run Ct. - Rebecca D. Carr to Robert and Karen McGarvey

•$3,000- 528 W. Corbin- Terry A. Lowe to TImothy T. and Janice R. Fee


$432,000- 961 Dackk Rd. - Glen Alan and Lisa Rae Fowler to Heath and Lisa Keller

•$67,000- 204 W. Washington St. - Mark L. and Mark L. Liszewski Sr. to Luann Sawyer

•$116,000- 18 Red Rose Dr. - Stephen P. Wilfong II to Terra Riester

•$132,500- 211 Walnut Dr. - Peter and Maureen Downs to Amrish and Peggy Chawla

•$232,500- 32 Deer Trail Dr. - Donald and Yong Wise to Carroll and Barbara Links

Cottage Hills

•$75,000- 1352 10th St. - James Scobell to Jeff Ryan and Kris Aloha Ottwell

E. Alton

•$16,000- 200 Virginia St. - Thomas S. Harbison to William J. Harrison

•$125,000- 531 Mallard Dr. - Judicial Sales Corp. to Paul J. Lanzerette


•$129,900- 222 Leverette Ln., Apt. 4- Sarah Lund Allen to James H. and Sherrill Wible

•$149,000- 500 E. Union St. - David and Anne Sirko to Matthew and Erin Vaught

•$168,000- 1718 Meadow- Sean D. and Molly L. Walls to Weston Looper

•$227,000- 112 Country Club View- Roy L. Wilimzig to Michael and Stacia Gorden

•$98,000- 513 W. High St. - Lucinda Claire Towell to Matthew Brandmeyer

•$435,000- 9 Goldenrod Ln.- Alan F. and Kimberly C. Fremont to William J. and Holly L. Knecht

•$299,900- 4880 Drda Ln. - Henry and Michelle Snider to Roger M. and Judith L. Watson

•$310,000- 439 E. Lake Dr. - Jason A. and Alane C. Mahler to Peggy C. Flach and John R. Zuelke

•$128,750- 219 S. Fillmore- Troy and Amy Bozarth to Gotham Holding

Glen Carbon

•$327,000- 144 Ellington Ct. - Lerch Homes to Randall and Laura Holobaugh

•$176,000- 9 Jason Dr. - Mark A. and Evonne M. Kuckuck to Gregg A. and Graciela Krikland


•$84,400- 604 St. Anthony Dr. - Douglas Flory to Dylan T. and Shawn Cupi

•$195,000- 5218 Godfrey Rd. - Gary and Elizabeth Simons

•$15,250- 1320 Ridgefield Dr. - Robert Lee Lowrance III to Rodney and Gretchen Cook

Granite City

•$65,500- 1836 Roberta Ave. - Cynthia Holmes to Courtney C. Dake


•$240,000- 13709 Timberline Rd. - Kurtis W. Faubion to Travis Wayne and Lindsey Marie Tracy


•$460,000- 34 Stonebridge Crossing Dr. - John S. and Hailey N. Mick to James and Susan Beck


•$126,500- 381 Main St. - Steve Ehlers to Tasha Rickman

St. Jacob

•$174,000- 200 Olyvia Dr. - Mitchell and Jessica Sullivan to Brandon and Jessica Ponce


•$46,500- 621 Briar Meadow Ct. - Christopher J. and Stacey C. Luber to Lerch Homes Inc

•$146,000- 110 Fairview Dr. - James and Leigh Acra to Michael E. Jr. and Brittany N. Keck

•$211,100- 534 Coventy Rd. - Steven M. and Jill L. Herbst to mark and Evonne Kuckuck

•$371,215- 1415 Crimson King Way- Premier Homes by Jones to Michael and Sarah Brokering

Wood River

•$65,000- 907 Madison Ave. - Mark and Sherry Maberry to John and Jennifer Clark

•$93,000- 320 Woodland Ave.- Amy Scannell to Derek Madison and Stephanie Ford

•$75,000- 551 Grove Ave. - Roberto E. Lambert to Christy Delp


•$160,000- 323 Donnewald St. - Paul M. and Leila G. Spickerman to Walker Gusewelle

July 22, 2015


•$362,500- 315 Lynn Dr. - Stanley J. and Elizabeth M. Sidwell to William David and Nancy Jo Jackson

•$335,000- 78 N. Fairmount Dr. - Kenneth and Susan Keiser to Daniel Davis and Elizabeth Kulp

•$10,000- 935 Pearl St. - US Bank to Traci L. Divine

•$60,000- 2926 Forest Dr. - Elmer and Dolores Trust to Tyrone Rice

•$25,000- 2718 Palmer Ave. - Rick Greding to Sachi Kuhananthan


•$80,000- 102 Surrey Ln. - Ronald W. Middleton to Dale Stahlschmidt


•$103,000- 703 Pennsylvania St. - Joanne Giofre to Dale and Sally Horstmann

•$215,000- 1115 Darbie Ln. - Terry M. and Vita Marlene Marshall to Collinsville Township Highway Commission

•$51,750- 204 Hattie St. - Joel Blaies and Yenny Wijaya to Yolanda Lopez-Garcia

•$80,000- 1813 Ramada Blvd. #5- Shirley C. Gili to Dennis Dycus

•$125,000- 1005 Keebler Ave. - Jeff Loomis to Brice Foose

E. Alton

•$7,000- 800- 898 Levee Rd. - Village of E. Alton to Wood River Levee District

•$70,000- 104 Reno Ave. - David Ray and Pamala A. Mizell to Patrick J. Doles and Paula S. Hendricks


•$212,000- 28 Timber Meadows Pl.- Jeffrey L. and Vicki L. Rehlen to Janelle Wadsworth

•$383,000- 128 St Andrews- Brian T. and Megan Ingersoll to Zachary Siejka and Catherine Dezort

•$378,000- 55 Eagle Ct. - Douglas D. and Christine James-Moehle to Kurtis G. and Dawn E. Emshousen

•$232,000- 678 Monaco- Dale D. and Viola M. Langenwalter to Christopher and Suprina Schmidt

•$553,500- 1924 Cloverdale - Edward J. Noe Sr. to Infinity Land Group

•$63,550- 1871 Cloverdale Dr. - City of Edwardsville to Infinity Land Group

•$20,000- .12 Acres Esic Dr. - Le Claire Christian Church to Infinity Land Group

•$20,000 - 1914 Esic Dr. - Infinity Land Group to Le Claire Christian Church

Glen Carbon

•$255,000- 84 Ginger Creek Pkwy- John A. Strickland to Robert D. and Lucinda Klingensmith


•$90,450- 419 Pearl St. - Roland and Annie Jo Lee to Russell and Patricia Oleson

•$120,000- 5011 A. Riverport Commons - Kevin, Barbara and Courtney Morgan to Emmons Land Co.

•$145,000- 4805 Cahteau Dr. - M. Jane Gillespie and Lesley R. Hauser to Matthew G. and Lean M. Ursch

Granite City

•$4,725- 3028 Marshall Ave. - Secretary of HUD to Donna Thomas

•$89,000- 2425 Madison - Rusty and Thereasa Davis to Barbar E. Bechtold


•$68,900- 101 Herman St. - Fannie Mae to Megan A. Holmes


•$15,000- 228 Reller St. - Estate of Darwin D. Humphrey to Edward Lynn Womack Jr.

S. Roxana

•$86,000- 210 Missouri Ave. - Larry Jay and Nancy Lee Thompson to Michael Ligon and Charlotte Lane


•$99,000- 306 E. Center ST. - MIchael R. and Bailey R. French to Robert McAfee

•$185,000- 140 Shasowbrooke- Matthew B. and Carrie E. Laur to Michael French and Bailey Zitta

•$240,000- 223 Sunnybrooke- Jason and Danielle Askew to Royce and Janet Highlander

July 23, 2015


•$86,000- 12808 State Route 140- Barbara A. Yesnosky to Brian D. Choat


•$20,000- 1129 Seiler St.- George Carroll to William MGiffen


•$170,000- 212 N. Prairie St. - Ned's Place to My Old School East Central


•$125,000- 401 Westwood- Celia Marie Schleyhahn to Gregory D. and Donna R. Fritsch-Klein

•$52,500- 1112 State St. - Secretary of HUD to Gary and Laurie Anderson


•$132,000- 927 Hale Ave. - Susan Royer Baum to Jacob and Christen Rincker

•$100,000- 124 W. Lake Dr. - Scott Schneider to Kathleen Schneider

•$410,000- 5323 Smith Dr. - Keith and Janis Jensen to Baboucar N. and Debra S. Njai

Granite City

•$94,900- 25 Lakeview Dr.- Dennis E. Carroll to Carma Simpson

•$7,864- 2264 State St. - Mary Trobaugh to JAKK Inc


•$57,000- 5572 State Route 160- Deutsche Bank to TGG Properties

July 25, 2015


•$112,000- 2454 Sylvan Ln. - Justin L. Zimmerman and Susan P. Spineto to Mark and Salina Crull


•$70,000- 425 Wyoming St. - Richard E. and David L. Yeager to Jonathan M Kaul


•$179,530- 8 Delta Dr.- Federal National Mortgage to Jordan R. Albers

•$104,000- 100 Middlegate Ln. - First Collinsville Bank to Colin and Taylor A. Fuhrmann

•$141,320- Sar St., Apt. 9B- First Collinsville Bank to Retail Place


•$108,000- 1005 Troy Rd. - Kathleen Schneider to Misty Haji-Sheikh and Michael J. Haji-Sheikh

•$116,500- 685 Chapman St. - Ryan McKinney to Nancy Ruff

Glen Carbon

•$195,000- 19 Ernst Dr. - Ronald R. and Debra L. Slemer to James A. Jr. and Carin A. Bock

•$133,500- 29 Joel Dr. - David A. and Susan M. Young to Michael McClain

•$178,000- 35 Lou Juan Dr. - Jillianne E. Thirion to Karla S. Simpson


•$14,000- 2715 Greenwood Ln. - Jessica Cavasher to Brian S. Campbell

Granite City

•$14,500- 2904 Iowa St. - Regions Bank to S.A. McNeil

•$57,000- 815 24th St. - RAMA Properties to Ralph Luna

•$57,500- 2819 Indiana Ave. - Kimberly S Pauley to Susan E. Valentine

•$30,000- 121 Riviera Dr - Allstar Enterprises and Cleaning Services to Shawn Greeves

•$105,000- 113 Chouteau Trace Pkwy- Donna Rea to Bruce Martin

•$82,000- 1525 Clark Ave. - Mary Jacklyn Nicoaisin and Paul J. Bogosian to John A. and John T. Prazma


•$13,500- 816 Washington AVe. - Secretary of HUD to Debra Hirsch


•$148,000- 10 Bonnie Ct. - Gabriel J. and Sarah L. Kolesa to Catherine E. Lynch

•$262,000- 701 Birch Ln. - Gregory and Donna Klein to John T. and Diane M. Greenwood


•$60,000- 6540 Renken Rd. - Chester W. Duelm to Paul and Donna Myer


•$40,000- 709 Gawain Dr. - Fannie Mae to Josh Brown

•$173,000- 38 Arbor Springs - William M and Margaret A. Wakeman to Jason P. and Katie J. Feldt

Wood River

•$35,000- 512 S. Central Ave. - Gary L. Teasley to George M. Teasley III

•$34,900- 313 S. Central Ave. - Fannie Mae to Earl D. and Rebecca M. Green

July 27, 2015


•$55,000- 3200 Edwards St. - Estate of Patsy J. Williams to Deborah K. Justus

•$107,000- 2814 Edwards St. - Kelley and Daniel Schultz to Dana R. Bennett

•$115,000- 214 Hyvista Dr. - Chad and Meredith Woodman to Rashaud and Karis Phillips


•$50,350- 512 Elm St. - Marcus M. Moore and Robin R. Burns to Robin R. Burns

•$209,000- 5 Pine Valley Dr. - Eri J. and Carol A. Flohr to Matthew M. and Michele M. Laws

•$180,000- 27 Briarcliffe Dr. - James M. and Deborah K. Connor to Michael and Rhonda Berta

•$258,750- 683 W. Country Ln. - Arthur D. and Megan M. Jalinsky to Anthony S. Wilford and Truvett McMurray

•$32,000- 116 Lucille St. - David P. Utley to CBH Holdings

•$65,800- 1551 Franklin Ave. - Stephen J. Kimutis, James R. Kimutis, Janice E. Schnaus, Karen A. Buhrmester, Kathleen R. Kimutis, and Nancy M. Brennan to Janice E. and George L. Schnaus

•$95,555- 70 Carnation Dr. - Secretary of HUD to Brianna Hayes

E. Alton

•$45,000- 217 W.St. Louis Ave. - Timothy Paul Mathias to Michael Edward Campbell


•$3,000- Horseshoe Ln - Earthy Interiors to Kevin L Farmer

•$79,900- 3901 Shale Dr. - Retail Place to Dennis B. and Molly M. Heepke

•$196,000- 1601 Prairieview Dr. - Nancy Ruff to Ben Webb

•$133,500- 5533 Tiger Rd. - Christopher S. Kaufmann and Alison Reeves to Nathan C. Payne

•$620,000- 11 Northbridge Ln. - Dean S. and Marilyn Joan Traw to Robert T. Bailey and Barbara L. Sherer

•$230,000- 7008 Remington Ct.- Charles and Jody Montgomery to Timothy L. and Maria J. Passig

Glen Carbon

•$56,990- 3006 Scarlet Ct. - Savannah Crossing Development to Raymond L. and Donna J. Cranmer

•$215,000- 270 Collinsville St. - Robert E. Jones to Rhonda L. Schwalb

Granite City

•$115,000- 125 Chouteau Trace Pkwy- Emily E. Wood to Melissa D. Kurrus

•$14,900- 2432 Terminal Ave. - CR Properties to Michael Lee Braman


•$229,900- 6108 Keebler Oaks Dr. - Patrick R. and Natalie Frazier to Neil G. and Betty J. Shope

•$239,500- 1925 Crimson Oak Dr. - Osborn Homes to Scott A. Monroe

St. Jacob

•$127,500- 204 W. Main St. - Lucille L. Yann, Marilyn A. Cron and Donald E. Yann to Michael Alan and Alyson Marie Soden


•$159,000- 420 Arrowhead Dr. - Clinton E. Morgan Aichs to Joseph A. and Ruth E. Reeves

•$175,000- 125 Granary Ct. - Wanda L. Mays to Vincent Plantz

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