Madison County real estate July 21-27

By Carrie Gonzalez | Aug 4, 2015

A list of recent real estate transactions for Madison County. Including Alhambra, Alton, Bethalto, Collinsville, Cottage Hills, East Alton, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Godfrey, Granite City, Hamel, Hartford, Highland, Madison, Maryville, Moro, Pontoon Beach, St. Jacob, Troy, Wood River and Worden.

Madison County Real Estate:

July 21, 2015


•$152,000- 430 Belleview Ave. - Christopher and Mary Luzecky to Casey J. Kasparek and Jennifer Cline

•$32,000- 2913 Buena Vista Ave. - Mary Ellen Roemer to Carson Green

•$64,000- 3640 Berkeley Ave. - David Wendle to Kristina Knueven

•$62,500- 1613 Ridge St. - Ryan and Kacie Langeland to Heather Barrett

•$18,500- 2305 Pebble Creek Dr. - Chicago Title - Land Sales to Lawanda Washington

•$98,000- 1900 Worden Ave. - Christine and James Velloff, Mark and Diane Adams to Luke A. McClaine

•$64,000- 3215 Edsall - Eric and Lacey Dodd to David Flemming


•$195,000- 13 Shallow Run Ct. - Rebecca D. Carr to Robert and Karen McGarvey

•$3,000- 528 W. Corbin- Terry A. Lowe to TImothy T. and Janice R. Fee


$432,000- 961 Dackk Rd. - Glen Alan and Lisa Rae Fowler to Heath and Lisa Keller

•$67,000- 204 W. Washington St. - Mark L. and Mark L. Liszewski Sr. to Luann Sawyer

•$116,000- 18 Red Rose Dr. - Stephen P. Wilfong II to Terra Riester

•$132,500- 211 Walnut Dr. - Peter and Maureen Downs to Amrish and Peggy Chawla

•$232,500- 32 Deer Trail Dr. - Donald and Yong Wise to Carroll and Barbara Links

Cottage Hills

•$75,000- 1352 10th St. - James Scobell to Jeff Ryan and Kris Aloha Ottwell

E. Alton

•$16,000- 200 Virginia St. - Thomas S. Harbison to William J. Harrison

•$125,000- 531 Mallard Dr. - Judicial Sales Corp. to Paul J. Lanzerette


•$129,900- 222 Leverette Ln., Apt. 4- Sarah Lund Allen to James H. and Sherrill Wible

•$149,000- 500 E. Union St. - David and Anne Sirko to Matthew and Erin Vaught

•$168,000- 1718 Meadow- Sean D. and Molly L. Walls to Weston Looper

•$227,000- 112 Country Club View- Roy L. Wilimzig to Michael and Stacia Gorden

•$98,000- 513 W. High St. - Lucinda Claire Towell to Matthew Brandmeyer

•$435,000- 9 Goldenrod Ln.- Alan F. and Kimberly C. Fremont to William J. and Holly L. Knecht

•$299,900- 4880 Drda Ln. - Henry and Michelle Snider to Roger M. and Judith L. Watson

•$310,000- 439 E. Lake Dr. - Jason A. and Alane C. Mahler to Peggy C. Flach and John R. Zuelke

•$128,750- 219 S. Fillmore- Troy and Amy Bozarth to Gotham Holding

Glen Carbon

•$327,000- 144 Ellington Ct. - Lerch Homes to Randall and Laura Holobaugh

•$176,000- 9 Jason Dr. - Mark A. and Evonne M. Kuckuck to Gregg A. and Graciela Krikland


•$84,400- 604 St. Anthony Dr. - Douglas Flory to Dylan T. and Shawn Cupi

•$195,000- 5218 Godfrey Rd. - Gary and Elizabeth Simons

•$15,250- 1320 Ridgefield Dr. - Robert Lee Lowrance III to Rodney and Gretchen Cook

Granite City

•$65,500- 1836 Roberta Ave. - Cynthia Holmes to Courtney C. Dake


•$240,000- 13709 Timberline Rd. - Kurtis W. Faubion to Travis Wayne and Lindsey Marie Tracy


•$460,000- 34 Stonebridge Crossing Dr. - John S. and Hailey N. Mick to James and Susan Beck


•$126,500- 381 Main St. - Steve Ehlers to Tasha Rickman

St. Jacob

•$174,000- 200 Olyvia Dr. - Mitchell and Jessica Sullivan to Brandon and Jessica Ponce


•$46,500- 621 Briar Meadow Ct. - Christopher J. and Stacey C. Luber to Lerch Homes Inc

•$146,000- 110 Fairview Dr. - James and Leigh Acra to Michael E. Jr. and Brittany N. Keck

•$211,100- 534 Coventy Rd. - Steven M. and Jill L. Herbst to mark and Evonne Kuckuck

•$371,215- 1415 Crimson King Way- Premier Homes by Jones to Michael and Sarah Brokering

Wood River

•$65,000- 907 Madison Ave. - Mark and Sherry Maberry to John and Jennifer Clark

•$93,000- 320 Woodland Ave.- Amy Scannell to Derek Madison and Stephanie Ford

•$75,000- 551 Grove Ave. - Roberto E. Lambert to Christy Delp


•$160,000- 323 Donnewald St. - Paul M. and Leila G. Spickerman to Walker Gusewelle

July 22, 2015


•$362,500- 315 Lynn Dr. - Stanley J. and Elizabeth M. Sidwell to William David and Nancy Jo Jackson

•$335,000- 78 N. Fairmount Dr. - Kenneth and Susan Keiser to Daniel Davis and Elizabeth Kulp

•$10,000- 935 Pearl St. - US Bank to Traci L. Divine

•$60,000- 2926 Forest Dr. - Elmer and Dolores Trust to Tyrone Rice

•$25,000- 2718 Palmer Ave. - Rick Greding to Sachi Kuhananthan


•$80,000- 102 Surrey Ln. - Ronald W. Middleton to Dale Stahlschmidt


•$103,000- 703 Pennsylvania St. - Joanne Giofre to Dale and Sally Horstmann

•$215,000- 1115 Darbie Ln. - Terry M. and Vita Marlene Marshall to Collinsville Township Highway Commission

•$51,750- 204 Hattie St. - Joel Blaies and Yenny Wijaya to Yolanda Lopez-Garcia

•$80,000- 1813 Ramada Blvd. #5- Shirley C. Gili to Dennis Dycus

•$125,000- 1005 Keebler Ave. - Jeff Loomis to Brice Foose

E. Alton

•$7,000- 800- 898 Levee Rd. - Village of E. Alton to Wood River Levee District

•$70,000- 104 Reno Ave. - David Ray and Pamala A. Mizell to Patrick J. Doles and Paula S. Hendricks


•$212,000- 28 Timber Meadows Pl.- Jeffrey L. and Vicki L. Rehlen to Janelle Wadsworth

•$383,000- 128 St Andrews- Brian T. and Megan Ingersoll to Zachary Siejka and Catherine Dezort

•$378,000- 55 Eagle Ct. - Douglas D. and Christine James-Moehle to Kurtis G. and Dawn E. Emshousen

•$232,000- 678 Monaco- Dale D. and Viola M. Langenwalter to Christopher and Suprina Schmidt

•$553,500- 1924 Cloverdale - Edward J. Noe Sr. to Infinity Land Group

•$63,550- 1871 Cloverdale Dr. - City of Edwardsville to Infinity Land Group

•$20,000- .12 Acres Esic Dr. - Le Claire Christian Church to Infinity Land Group

•$20,000 - 1914 Esic Dr. - Infinity Land Group to Le Claire Christian Church

Glen Carbon

•$255,000- 84 Ginger Creek Pkwy- John A. Strickland to Robert D. and Lucinda Klingensmith


•$90,450- 419 Pearl St. - Roland and Annie Jo Lee to Russell and Patricia Oleson

•$120,000- 5011 A. Riverport Commons - Kevin, Barbara and Courtney Morgan to Emmons Land Co.

•$145,000- 4805 Cahteau Dr. - M. Jane Gillespie and Lesley R. Hauser to Matthew G. and Lean M. Ursch

Granite City

•$4,725- 3028 Marshall Ave. - Secretary of HUD to Donna Thomas

•$89,000- 2425 Madison - Rusty and Thereasa Davis to Barbar E. Bechtold


•$68,900- 101 Herman St. - Fannie Mae to Megan A. Holmes


•$15,000- 228 Reller St. - Estate of Darwin D. Humphrey to Edward Lynn Womack Jr.

S. Roxana

•$86,000- 210 Missouri Ave. - Larry Jay and Nancy Lee Thompson to Michael Ligon and Charlotte Lane


•$99,000- 306 E. Center ST. - MIchael R. and Bailey R. French to Robert McAfee

•$185,000- 140 Shasowbrooke- Matthew B. and Carrie E. Laur to Michael French and Bailey Zitta

•$240,000- 223 Sunnybrooke- Jason and Danielle Askew to Royce and Janet Highlander

July 23, 2015


•$86,000- 12808 State Route 140- Barbara A. Yesnosky to Brian D. Choat


•$20,000- 1129 Seiler St.- George Carroll to William MGiffen


•$170,000- 212 N. Prairie St. - Ned's Place to My Old School East Central


•$125,000- 401 Westwood- Celia Marie Schleyhahn to Gregory D. and Donna R. Fritsch-Klein

•$52,500- 1112 State St. - Secretary of HUD to Gary and Laurie Anderson


•$132,000- 927 Hale Ave. - Susan Royer Baum to Jacob and Christen Rincker

•$100,000- 124 W. Lake Dr. - Scott Schneider to Kathleen Schneider

•$410,000- 5323 Smith Dr. - Keith and Janis Jensen to Baboucar N. and Debra S. Njai

Granite City

•$94,900- 25 Lakeview Dr.- Dennis E. Carroll to Carma Simpson

•$7,864- 2264 State St. - Mary Trobaugh to JAKK Inc


•$57,000- 5572 State Route 160- Deutsche Bank to TGG Properties

July 25, 2015


•$112,000- 2454 Sylvan Ln. - Justin L. Zimmerman and Susan P. Spineto to Mark and Salina Crull


•$70,000- 425 Wyoming St. - Richard E. and David L. Yeager to Jonathan M Kaul


•$179,530- 8 Delta Dr.- Federal National Mortgage to Jordan R. Albers

•$104,000- 100 Middlegate Ln. - First Collinsville Bank to Colin and Taylor A. Fuhrmann

•$141,320- Sar St., Apt. 9B- First Collinsville Bank to Retail Place


•$108,000- 1005 Troy Rd. - Kathleen Schneider to Misty Haji-Sheikh and Michael J. Haji-Sheikh

•$116,500- 685 Chapman St. - Ryan McKinney to Nancy Ruff

Glen Carbon

•$195,000- 19 Ernst Dr. - Ronald R. and Debra L. Slemer to James A. Jr. and Carin A. Bock

•$133,500- 29 Joel Dr. - David A. and Susan M. Young to Michael McClain

•$178,000- 35 Lou Juan Dr. - Jillianne E. Thirion to Karla S. Simpson


•$14,000- 2715 Greenwood Ln. - Jessica Cavasher to Brian S. Campbell

Granite City

•$14,500- 2904 Iowa St. - Regions Bank to S.A. McNeil

•$57,000- 815 24th St. - RAMA Properties to Ralph Luna

•$57,500- 2819 Indiana Ave. - Kimberly S Pauley to Susan E. Valentine

•$30,000- 121 Riviera Dr - Allstar Enterprises and Cleaning Services to Shawn Greeves

•$105,000- 113 Chouteau Trace Pkwy- Donna Rea to Bruce Martin

•$82,000- 1525 Clark Ave. - Mary Jacklyn Nicoaisin and Paul J. Bogosian to John A. and John T. Prazma


•$13,500- 816 Washington AVe. - Secretary of HUD to Debra Hirsch


•$148,000- 10 Bonnie Ct. - Gabriel J. and Sarah L. Kolesa to Catherine E. Lynch

•$262,000- 701 Birch Ln. - Gregory and Donna Klein to John T. and Diane M. Greenwood


•$60,000- 6540 Renken Rd. - Chester W. Duelm to Paul and Donna Myer


•$40,000- 709 Gawain Dr. - Fannie Mae to Josh Brown

•$173,000- 38 Arbor Springs - William M and Margaret A. Wakeman to Jason P. and Katie J. Feldt

Wood River

•$35,000- 512 S. Central Ave. - Gary L. Teasley to George M. Teasley III

•$34,900- 313 S. Central Ave. - Fannie Mae to Earl D. and Rebecca M. Green

July 27, 2015


•$55,000- 3200 Edwards St. - Estate of Patsy J. Williams to Deborah K. Justus

•$107,000- 2814 Edwards St. - Kelley and Daniel Schultz to Dana R. Bennett

•$115,000- 214 Hyvista Dr. - Chad and Meredith Woodman to Rashaud and Karis Phillips


•$50,350- 512 Elm St. - Marcus M. Moore and Robin R. Burns to Robin R. Burns

•$209,000- 5 Pine Valley Dr. - Eri J. and Carol A. Flohr to Matthew M. and Michele M. Laws

•$180,000- 27 Briarcliffe Dr. - James M. and Deborah K. Connor to Michael and Rhonda Berta

•$258,750- 683 W. Country Ln. - Arthur D. and Megan M. Jalinsky to Anthony S. Wilford and Truvett McMurray

•$32,000- 116 Lucille St. - David P. Utley to CBH Holdings

•$65,800- 1551 Franklin Ave. - Stephen J. Kimutis, James R. Kimutis, Janice E. Schnaus, Karen A. Buhrmester, Kathleen R. Kimutis, and Nancy M. Brennan to Janice E. and George L. Schnaus

•$95,555- 70 Carnation Dr. - Secretary of HUD to Brianna Hayes

E. Alton

•$45,000- 217 W.St. Louis Ave. - Timothy Paul Mathias to Michael Edward Campbell


•$3,000- Horseshoe Ln - Earthy Interiors to Kevin L Farmer

•$79,900- 3901 Shale Dr. - Retail Place to Dennis B. and Molly M. Heepke

•$196,000- 1601 Prairieview Dr. - Nancy Ruff to Ben Webb

•$133,500- 5533 Tiger Rd. - Christopher S. Kaufmann and Alison Reeves to Nathan C. Payne

•$620,000- 11 Northbridge Ln. - Dean S. and Marilyn Joan Traw to Robert T. Bailey and Barbara L. Sherer

•$230,000- 7008 Remington Ct.- Charles and Jody Montgomery to Timothy L. and Maria J. Passig

Glen Carbon

•$56,990- 3006 Scarlet Ct. - Savannah Crossing Development to Raymond L. and Donna J. Cranmer

•$215,000- 270 Collinsville St. - Robert E. Jones to Rhonda L. Schwalb

Granite City

•$115,000- 125 Chouteau Trace Pkwy- Emily E. Wood to Melissa D. Kurrus

•$14,900- 2432 Terminal Ave. - CR Properties to Michael Lee Braman


•$229,900- 6108 Keebler Oaks Dr. - Patrick R. and Natalie Frazier to Neil G. and Betty J. Shope

•$239,500- 1925 Crimson Oak Dr. - Osborn Homes to Scott A. Monroe

St. Jacob

•$127,500- 204 W. Main St. - Lucille L. Yann, Marilyn A. Cron and Donald E. Yann to Michael Alan and Alyson Marie Soden


•$159,000- 420 Arrowhead Dr. - Clinton E. Morgan Aichs to Joseph A. and Ruth E. Reeves

•$175,000- 125 Granary Ct. - Wanda L. Mays to Vincent Plantz

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