Madison County real estate July 10-20

By Carrie Gonzalez | Jul 28, 2015

A list of recent real estate transactions for Madison County. Including Alhambra, Alton, Bethalto, Collinsville, Cottage Hills, East Alton, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Godfrey, Granite City, Hamel, Hartford, Highland, Madison, Maryville, Moro, Pontoon Beach, St. Jacob, Troy, Wood River and Worden.

Madison County Real Estate:

July 10, 2015


•$23,000- 1222 W. 9th St. - Barc Properties to Melissa K. Sewell

•$40,000- 1810 Liberty St. - Estate of Robert J. Schwegel to Holly S. and Jonathan Neely

•$4,831- 832 Logan St. - The Judicial Sales Corp to Secretary of HUD


•$295,000- 249 Sage Creek Dr. - Matt Olmsted /Olmsted Contracting to Roger Singleton

•$50,000- 550 Logan St.- Jeanne M. Abert to Michael S. Martin


•$150,000- Williams St. - L.M.V. Homes to Samuel J. Ross

•$97,000- 115 N. Hesperia- Ryan and Amanda Dallape to M. Derik and Whitney Reiser

E. Alton

•$31,680- 600 Brookwood Dr. - The Judicial Sales Corp to Secretary of HUD


•$85,110- 412 Bollman Ave. - Estate of Virginia M. Rohde

•$419,000- 1606 Lincoln Knolls Dr. - Rollen and Sandra Jones to Clifford McHugh, Alexandra McHugh, Granville Keys and Lisa A. Keys

•$4,000- 1147 Nassau Dr. - Roberto E. Lambert to Dennis J. and Janet E. Cloninger

Glen Carbon

•$163,000- 11 Ginger Lake Dr. W.- Patricia Marsh to Charles E. Sr. and Cynthia C. Price


•$165,000- 1914 Paris Dr. - Kenneth A. Aldridge to Ronald & Karen Alderidge

Granite City

•$5,600- 2105 Ohio Ave. - The Judicial Sales Corp to Secretary of HUD

•$23,100- 630 Tennessee Ave. - The Judicial Sales Corp to Secretary of HUD

•$4,875,000- 1430 E. Chain of Rocks Rd. - S&S Illinois LLC to Heartland Express Inc

•$59,550- 1915 Benton St. - Matthew A. Greeling to Michael L. Holmon Jr.

•$65,500- 2824 Wayne Ave.- Karen L. Thompson to Karen L. and Lester E. Thompson


•$77,880- 60 Trout Dr. - The Judicial Sales Corp to Secretary of HUD


•$35,000- 355 Elma St.- Jason Lorenz to Doug & Stephanie Kessinger


•$183,000- 2059 Briarbend Ct. - Osborn Homes to Lisa Anne Korte

•$172,900- 2038 Briarbend Ct. - FFO Investments to Flavia C. Pereira

St. Jacob

•$162,500- 309 S. Douglas St. - Lindow Contracting to Dustin H. Simmons and Natalie M. Malawy


•$163,000- 404 Creekside Dr. - Joseph Dructor to James & Rebecca Loduca

•$172,500- 1501 Fairoaks Dr. - Anthony C and Sharon L. Mays to Ryan and Amanda Dallape

Wood River

•$61,380- 677 Maurice St. - The Judicial Sales Corp to Secretary of HUD


•$30,000- 6272 Hoxey Rd. - Andrew J. and Catheryn Somraty to Carol A. and William D. Reckman

•$30,000- 6284 Hoxey Rd.- Andrew J. and Catheryn Somraty to Carol A. and William D. Reckman

July 13, 2015


•$56,800- 234 Maurice St.- Marilyn Jean Campagna to Gillian Leigh Fensterman

•$27,000- 1800 Woodland Ave. - Melba Lisa Keller to Dave Fleming


•$110,000- 100 Skyview Ln.- Shirley L. Parker to Jonathan Chappell

•$289,000- 93 Timberwood Ln. - Bruce H. and Ramona J. Cross to Larry and Shirley R. Ryan

•$0- 624 Burroughs- Sarah A. Broyles to Raymond Boyd

•$160,000- 11 Lakeview Ln. - Robert J. and Grace M. McAteer to Jordan P. and Meagan M. Agne

•$106,000- 9 Briarwood Dr. - Brenda G. Mirly, Sally J. Anderson, and Robert L. Mirly to Daniel Atchley

•$257,500- 5906 Galli Ln. - Chad and Sara Mattea to David Rahmer

•$55,000- 903 Center St.- John F. Kukla to Betty J. Keller

•$73,000- 3123 Yale Ave. - Lawrence J. Bilyeu Sr. to Ma Cruz Hernandez

E. Alton

•$182,901- 10 Hatcher Ct. - Carrington Mortgage to Secretary of HUD


•$115,000- 7377 Grove Rd. - Michael and Jane Fitzpartrick to Michael A. and Laila B. Gagnon

•$50,000- 119 E. Dunn St. - Thomas M. Lauher to Michael and Lois Ann Ladd

•$286,500- 409 E. Lake Dr. - Edward R. Williams to Carrington Homes Inc.

•$75,000- 1415 St. Louis St. - Westend Heights to Steve and Jennifer Desse

•$265,000- 230 N. Kansas- Regions Bank to Brian Pezza and Nichole Dewall

•$57,000- 1539 Lewis Rd - Danny L. and Susan M. Walker t Joseph A. Weber

Glen Carbon

•$209,900- 7 Matterhorn Dr. - Janet L. Wilhite to Eric J. and Nancy J. Schwartz

•$128,000- 4 Cedar Ln. - Nicholas J. and Carol A. Morrow to Lutheran Senior Services


•$67,601- 223 Pine Ridge Dr. - Bank of New York Mellon to Bryce Yinger

Granite City

•$76,000- 141 Troeckler Ln. - Cindy Wallace to David M. and Christina N. Moore

•$76,000- 1628 Franko Ln. - Darrin Jones to David Jones


•$84,000- 1215 12th St. - Thomas C. Hamlin III and Candace Ladd to Mark Timmerman


•$242,500- 6760 Oxford Ln.- Keith and Brenda Brodie to David and Sarah Elizabeth Libbra


•$174,000- 125 Sugarmill Rd. - Richard E. and Cecelia A. Wallen to Ben and Erin Quackenbos

Wood River

•$65,000- 1640 Miland - Fred A. Kutter to Jennifer Edwards


•$399,900- 8405 Renken Rd - Pamela and Jeffrey Black to John and Kristin Fischer

•$36,000- 9317 Bode Rd.- Craig W. Finnegan to Steve Worley

July 14, 2015


•$347,500- 4113 Humbert Rd. - Linda S. Carrow to John R. Keller

•$35,000- 615 Marsh Ave. - Megan E. Kelley to Allyson Losch


•$130,000- 365 N. Kingdom St.- Deborah J. McVey to Daniel Van Natta

•$31,000- 7663 Bethalto Rd. - Adam and Courtney R. Miller to Douglas and Joy Roberson

•$128,000- 829 Albers- Zachary and Sarah Hovan to Joel and Ashlyn Smay

E. Alton

•$64,500- 217 Bonds Ave. - David R. Farley II to David A. Smith

•$60,000- 404 E. Airline Dr.- Barbara A. Tepen to Michael E. and Debra A. Tepen


•$147,000- 218 Adams St. - William V. and Julie A. Fleck to Christopher J. and Amilia L. Lingel

•$237,500- 1501 Troy Rd. - Randall A. and Shiona A. Quick to Harco Properties

•$464,900- 1092 Prestonwood Dr. - James M. and Angela M. Piper to Jacqueline Pieron

•$219,000- 333 Overlook Dr. - Larry and Susan Moore to Brandy Carpenter and Jonathan Fuller

Glen Carbon

•$576,000- 90 Lakewood Dr. - Remington Properties to Kurt C. and Julie N. Hoff

•$272,000- 6978 August Dr. - Kurt C. and Julie N. Hoff to Scott A. and Brittany N. Caby

•$315,000- 13 Wildwood Ct. - Brad and Angie Mutza to James Klasen

•$195,000- 27 Charles Dr. - Ryan T. and Jennifer B. Murphy Trust to Zachary and Sarah Hovan

•$191,000- 348 Westglen Dr. - Amy Ohlendorf to Brad and Angie Mutza


•$105,000- 300 Admiral Dr. - Ronald A. and Karen K. Aldridge to Bradley M. Yount

•$215,000- 7532 Timbercrest Dr. - John R. and Gillian A. Wickenhauser to Bryan K. and Louise M. Hertenstein

Granite City

•$39,900- 2457 State St. - Secretary of VA to Susan M. Keller

•$55,000- 1815 Maple St. - Cassandra M. Chavez to Tina J. Vasques

•$90,000- 3137 Davis Ave. - Michael R. Theis to Dennis L. and Lorretta A. Vickers


•$31,000- 101 E. 1st St. - Rynette J. Benton to Ronald Lee Wood

•$29,000- 127 E. Elm - Shirley C. Copeland to Hartford LLC c/o Mike Schoedel


•$12,000- Nicholls St. - Judy M. Denney to Kenneth and Carol Ondrey


•$239,999- 508 Patton Dr. - Heath A. and Lisa S. Keller to David Joseph and Rebecca Lynn Roth

•$40,500- 100 Sarah St. - Selene Finance to Jose De Jesus Garcia-Herrera and Berta Lopez-Gonzalez

Wood River

•$114,000- 911 Hawthorne Ave. - Donald Cherry, Patrice Cherry, Virginia Cherry to Christopher Smith

July 15, 2015


•$80,500- 206 Hickory St. - Pamela D. Brigman to Kayla D. Askew


•$70,000- 433 Park - Kris Daryl and Margaret Mary Williams to Ruth Cox


•$10,000- 3201 Arlington- Robert L. Powell to Cahokia Mounds Museum Society

•$125,901- 324 Garesche St. - Federal National Mortgage to Andrew R. Sertich and Jennifer L. Portell

Cottage Hills

•$8,500- 801 East Dr. - Bank of America to Freedom Homes

E. Alton

•$103,000- 213 E. Airwood Dr. - Vernita M. Roberts to Omar and Marsha Panella

•$119,900- 208 Riverwoods Cove- Dianne Blasa to Barbara J. and David M. Peterson Jr.

•$262,000- 1565 Maplewood Ct. - William D. Powell to Gregory M. Budzban


•$4,500- 233 Shore Dr. SW- Paul Worthey to Jeffrey P. Donahey

Glen Carbon

•$145,000- 340 Westglen Dr. - JCS Acquisitions and Homefront Properties to Thomas V. Davis


•$80,000- 5022 Statem Dr. - Antoinette M. Darr to Donald P. and Roberta J. Bechtold


•$209,000- 13304 Field Crest Rd. - Brian P Vorva to Nicholas R. and Marianne L. Weiss

•$125,000- 4332 Prairie Rd.- Charles and Susan Urban to Kurtis and Lindsey Skogley

•$68,500- 1518 7th St. - Sara E. Mouser-Foster to David R. and Kimberly A. Clark

•$132,900- 309 S. Locust St. - Freddie L. Baker to Adam J. Buskirk and Sarah E. Thomas

•$125,000- 716 Dolphin Dr. E. - Christy C. Skallas to Dustin A. Beard

•$129,000- 1424 Laurel St. - Cynthia Ilges to Jared M. Brown and Sarah M. Hollenberg

•$16,800- Becker Rd. - Brenda Sue Plocher to Gary G. and Louise M. Kampwerth


•$14,000- 144 & 146 Duncan St. - Vickie S. Jarrell to Gateway All Cash Buyers


•$20,200- 711 Main St. - Lawrence E. and Patricia M. Frank to Christopher Duff

St. Jacob

•$360,000- 10043 Lilac Rd. - John A. and Carol S. Green to Terry K. and Polly A. Brinkman

July 16, 2015


•$59,500- 2825 Circle Dr. - Gregory L. Williams and Bertine A. Nixon to Joe W. and Stephanie J. Elliott

•$10,000- 3872 Claremont St. - Dorothy R. Scheibal to Brett A. and Ann R. Wilson

•$123,000- 3700 Torch Club Rd. - Jason and Sandy Laird

•$5,000- 2610 Yager- Michelle R. Dennis to Roger Wilson


•$183,400- 132 Gabrielle Cr. - C.A. Jones to Trenton Pinkard

•$110,000- 411 Sheridan St. - Scot Parsons to Joseph and Dianna Richert


•$47,000- 108 Teckla Ave. - Illinois Housing Development Authority to David Garcia and Glenda Bernal

•$85,863- 420 Short St. - Midfirst Bank to Secretary of HUD

•$119,500- 828 Henry St. - Fannie Mae to Danyelle Hoff-Nygard


•$75,000- 215 S. Kansas St.- Timothy and John Sutter to Robert McLean

•$167,000- 263 Coventry Pl. - Mark S. Kabureck to Tom Gustafson

•$160,000- #2 Hidden Valley Ln. - Pankaj S. and Sudha Shah to Muhammad A. Naqvi and Syeda D. Shewar

•$82,500- 511 W. High St. - John V. III and Angela J. Farrell to Paul C., Paul K. and David E. Lizotte

•$135,000- 429 Legion Dr. - Janet Cope to Paul G. and Kimberly S. Hardin

Granite City

•$30,000- 2928 Warren - Faith A. Dunnavant to HomeInvestors

•$79,500- 2518 State St.- Michael Feltmeyer and Stacie Papproth to Tonya Watson

•$120,163- 80 Raes Creek Dr. - Federal National Mortgage to Brandon Fuller

•$2,000- 2300 Paul Ave. - Robert M. and Naty B. Nickonowicz to Richard D. Gragg

•$58,650- 1617 Venice Ave. - Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD


•$120,000- Rezy Rd. - Bryan Reynolds to David L. Volentine


•$15,000- Lot 27 (Dorothy St.)- Kelly W. and Sherry A. Birdsong to Chester T. and Mary M. Schilling


•$113,000- 9001 S. Blue Haven Dr. - Ruth L. Stock to Robert Bindrim

July 17, 2015


•$53,900- 804 Herbert St. - Nathan and Theresa Medlock to Sarah E. Barrett

•$124,500- Seminary Rd. - Gregory C. Mossman to Steven R. and Lindsay N. Naylor

•$25,379- 710 Royal St. - US Bank to Christine Thompson

•$217,000- 21 Tra Lin Ridge - Jeremie Studnicki to Nathan M. and Theresa J. Medlock


•$20,000- 1316 Lester- Goshen Real Estate to Ryan Kneedler


•$72,500- 4689 Seiler Rd. -Rose M. Kovar to Theodore Davis


•$130,000- 221 Woodland Dr. - Melly Momo to Laura K. Roundtree

•$155,000- 4 St. Andrews Ave. - Timothy M. and Melissa A. Vetter to Stephanie Hunt

•$437,500- 2 North Shore Dr. - Mark Shallow to Jason A. and Alane C. Mahler

•$115,900- 929 High St. - Daryl, Emmet, Lynne Beetner to Jesus and Amy Ireland Soto

•$285,000- 3 Goldenrod Ln.- Malcolm M. Torosian to Christopher S. Short

Glen Carbon

•$287,500- 3 Ginger Bend Ct. - Gerard W. Winterbottom to Timothy M. and Melissa A. Vetter

•$100,000- 43 Grainey Dr. - Deutsche Bank to M. Goode Construction Co. Inc.

•$331,000- 125 Forest Grove Dr. - Brian and Maria McFarland to Mary Winkler, Craig and Linda Herman

Granite City

•$35,000- 2912 Warren Ave. - First Collinsville Bank to Mark L. and Rebecca A. Wingerter

•$64,000- 2436 Kilarney - Investcon LLC to William and Brittany Young

•$23,500- 2251 Edison Ave. - RGTJ Enterprises to Amy Kline


•$146,250- 2377 Motel Rd. - Kerry M. and Deb Myers- Gaultney to Scott Riegel


•$185,000- 2088 Briarbend Ct. - Debra B. Bayne to Janet L. Wilhite

•$162,500- 109 Giofre Ave. - Brandon and Jessica Ponce to Kathleen and Charles Seibert

S. Roxana

•$46,835- 1314 Main St. - JPMorgan Chase Bank to Secretary of HUD

•$6,200- 501 Southard Pl.- Ricki L. Jones to Gregory S. Jevyak


•$60,000- 400 Briar Creek Rd. - Donald P. and Joseph E. Osborn to Gregory and Christa J. Obucina

•$298,000- 225 Michael Dr. - Robert L. and Sharon D. Simons to Michael J. and Shari M. Brunton

Wood River

•$85,000- 730 S. 7th St. - Adams Velloff Properties to Kaylen Smeets

July 20, 2015


•$1,487,500- 200 Alton Sq. - Marquette Realty Capital to Alton Mall

•$262,500- 180 E. Central Dr. - Marquette Realty Capita to Alton Mall

•$1,279,250- 200 Alton Aq. - James McHull to Alton Mall


•$254,250- 705 Williamsburg Blvd. - Constance L. Drake to David and Anne Sirko

•$123,000- 406 Plum St. - David R. and Ashleigh R. McElroy to Justin and Jessica Goebel

Glen Carbon

•$24,500- 42 Wolfe Creek Ct.- Edward and Julie Pluhar to Erik and Christie Johnson

Granite City

•$1,500- 1744 State St. - Lucy Obermeier to Nick Feco


•$321,000- 10 Wedgewood Dr. - William J. Knecht to Larry O'Leary and Rexanna O'Leary


•$33,500- 795 Veterans Memorial Dr. - Gary Niemeier to James L. and Ashley Lovsey


•$307,000- 1505 Sagaponak Ln. - Tottleben Construction to Joseph B. and Catherine R. Love

Wood River

•$387,334- 104 W. Penning Ave.- Blue Chip Properties to Quality Rental Properties

•$283,385- 104 W. Penning Ave. -Quality Rental Properties to SLR Homes

•$113,000- 620 Esther Ave. ; 213 & 215 S. Central Ave.- Quality Rental Properties to Patrick O. Brown and Ryan M. Angleton

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