A Madison County man claims an Edwardsville pharmacy gave him the wrong medications, causing him to have a severe allergic reaction.

Michael Totty filed a complaint Nov. 16 in Madison County Circuit Court against Walgreen Co., doing business as Walgreens or Walgreens Pharmacy.

In November 2010, Totty says he took a doctor's prescription for Zithromax and Ceftin to be filled at the Walgreens pharmacy on West Vandalia in Edwardsville. He contends the pharmacy had a duty to dispense the correct medications and to verify that the prescriptions had been given to the appropriate customers but says that didn't happen.

Totty says the pharmacy, instead, gave him the steroid methylprednisone along with penicillin, an antibiotic to which he is allegedly allergic. Along with the wrong medication, Totty says he was given improper instructions on how to take them. His allergic reaction to the penicillin allegedly caused the patient "severe discomfort, an altered metabolism, elevated blood sugar and a compromised immune system." Totty says it was especially dangerous because he is diabetic.

Totty contends Walgreen and its employees caused him to endure physical pain and mental anguish, disability and loss of a normal life. He says he has been forced to undergo medical care and pay the associated expenses. Totty is asking to be awarded more than $50,000 plus court costs.

Attorney Matthew J. Marlen of Belleville represents him.

Madison County Circuit Court Case No. 12-L-1877

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