To the Editor:

Our Fathers were Democrats and their fathers before them were. They were union men through and through, because unions were good, and united together they could fight for the dignity of man. They were men of faith, because, while not theologians, they knew there is a God, and He is Love. They were men of family, because they knew that family is the foundation of our country.

The Democratic Party has abandoned my Father and the men that he sprung from.

The Democratic Party has turned its back on all the things that he and his mighty generation loved. The Democratic platform now fully supports the killing of innocent children in the womb, having the audacity to mask this horrible and terrible act under the black veils of "choice" and "women's rights." They support divorce on demand, assisted suicide, and sex without boundaries. They have attacked our churches, our religious freedom, and our God.

No more!

The one claim the Democratic Party still makes that is praiseworthy is that they stand for the worker and the poor. But they have even failed at that.

Now is the time to vote them out of office. Now is the time to vote against President Obama, Alan Dunstan, Dr. Gill, Tom Gibbons, Kyle Napp, etc. Now is the time to vote no on the retention of Callis, Hylla, Knight, and Crowder. Not because of campaign donations, but because they have chosen to align themselves with a party of darkness.

Miles S. Michaelis

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