An Edwardsville nursing home is accused of causing the death of one of its residents after he allegedly fell out of bed three times in two weeks.

Vicki Ashton, individually and as special administrator for the estate of Joe Chiapelli, filed a lawsuit Aug. 16 in Madison County Circuit Court against Hovan Services of Edwardsville Inc., formerly known as Rosewood Care Center Inc. of Edwardsville, doing business as Rosewood Care Center.

According to the complaint, Chiapelli became a resident of the Rosewood Care Center in December 2005. Ashton claims Chiapelli fell out of his bed on three separate occasions and once out of his wheelchair in a matter of two weeks. After each fall, Ashton says the facility's employees failed to provide the proper medical care to Chiapelli, who allegedly died because of the head injuries he received when he fell.

Ashton is suing the nursing home for negligence, for violating Illinois' Nursing Home Care Act and wrongful death. She asks for more than $150,000 in damages for medical expenses and the cost of the lawsuit.

Attorney Thomas J. Lech of Collinsville represents Ashton and the estate of Chiapelli.

Madison County Circuit Court Case No. 12-L-1302

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