Lynx Field: A hit, or hideous?

by Christina Stueve |
Jul. 12, 2012, 10:16am

Harrison teaches his nephew A.J. Mayne, 3, how to play football on the college's new field on Thursday afternoon.

Defensive back and strength football coach at Lindenwood University, Justin Harrison, 25, said Thursday that as a new member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, the school set out to do something "unusual" with its choice of field colors - Cardinal red and white.

"We wanted to do something to attract attention," Harrison said. "Our program is very young. We started football this year."

Attention it has gotten - as the online sports world is buzzing about the stand-out football field.

Official practice for the Lindenwood University Lynx starts July 28. The team will play 10 games this year - the first one set for Sept. 1.

Mike Horton-Loftin, 18, a freshman at Lindenwood University, said he likes the field's new "one of a kind" colors.

"I like the new field. I think it stands out a lot, just by the school colors being on the field," he said while photographing it on Thursday.

"It's different from every other field."

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