St. Clair County jurors awarded a St. Clair County woman with $10,266.85 early Tuesday evening, following a two-day, damages-only trial over a car accident at Scott Air Force Base in May, 2009.

Plaintiff's attorney Shaun Falvey suggested the jury award his client Holly Martin, 33, $150,999 for injuries she sustained to her shoulder, back and left hip following an accident on base on Winters Street.

Martin was eastbound on Winters Street near the intersection of Ward Street when defendant Allison H. Wiltison attempted to make a left-hand turn and pulled into the intersection, colliding with Martin's vehicle.

Wiltison stipulated that her negligence was the proximate cause of injuries to the plaintiff, Falvey said.

Associate Judge Vincent Lopinot presided.

"We don't care for what we've seen in this courtroom regarding defense litigation tactics," Falvey said.

"If this was a fender bender, we wouldn't be here," Falvey said after showing the jury a photo of the two vehicles with front ends smashed together.

Martin testified that she suffered severe headaches and will continue to suffer physical pain and mental anguish.

She also claimed her ability to work and labor at home and her employment was affected. She incurred lost wages and has incurred medical expenses from medicines, doctors x-rays, and hospitals.

Defense attorney Rebecca Schubert suggested the jury award $11,965 in damages.

Schubert told the jury that the plaintiff went to St. Elizabeth's Hospital and reported no loss of consciousness. She complained of neck and lower back problems and about a headache. She was also sent to physical therapy.

"She has never had any prescriptions for these complaints since 2009," Schubert said.

The case is St. Clair County case number 10-L-257.

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