An Edwardsville woman filed suit June 25 in Madison County Court against FGM Architects-Engineers Inc. and Williams Brothers Construction Inc.

Joy Tedford claims the two companies negligently designed a roof on the campus of Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, where she is employed. Tedford works in and around the Southern Illinois University School of Engineering, according to the complaint.

She claims she was walking around a building on campus Feb. 2, 2011, when a sheet of ice fell from the glass roof, struck her neck and caused injury.

Tedford claims FGM Architects-Engineers failed to install ice blocks or dams, failed to install sufficient room between the building and sidewalk, failed to install anything to reduce the danger of falling sheets of ice from the roof section of the glass tower designed and built by the defendant.

She claims that as a direct cause of the defendant's negligence, she received back and neck injuries, including injuries to her cervical, shoulder and lumbar area. She was allegedly forced to expend money for medical care, experienced pain and suffering and lost money from wages.

James R. Williams of Williams, Caponi & Foley in Belleville is her attorney.

She is seeking an amount in excess of $50,000.

The case is assigned to Madison County Circuit Judge Andreas Matoesian.

The case is Madison County number 12-L-893

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