A Highland power company says a plastics manufacturer sold them defective components and tried to overcharge them for the products.

Basler Electric Company filed a lawsuit May 17 in Madison County Circuit Court against Fortis Plastics LLC and Realization Services Inc.

Basler says it signed a contract with Fortis Plastics in September 2010. Under that agreement Fortis was to provide certain plastic components for Basler electrical products. Basler says it provided Fortis with specific equipment on which Fortis would build the components exclusively for Basler. The equipment is worth $125,000, according to the complaint.

Basler claims in February Fortis refused to honor the contract for purchase orders from Basler, at the recommendation of a consulting company, Realization. Basler also contends the components Fortis did provide were defective and not up to specifications agreed upon by both companies. Basler claims it was then asked to pay 300 percent more than the agreed upon price for the allegedly faulty products. Further, when asked to return the manufacturing equipment it was provided by Basler, Fortis allegedly refused.

Fortis is accused of breach of contract, breach of warranty and failing to return manufacturing equipment to Basler. Realization is accused of tortious interference for suggesting Fortis not honor the agreement with Basler.

Basler asks for more than $325,000 in actual and punitive damage plus interest and court costs.

The power company is represented by attorneys Joel A. Kunin and Mark M. Silvermintz with Kunin Law Offices in Collinsville.

Madison County Circuit Court Case No. 12-L-697

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